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Congrats Folma

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bond Girl, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. I hear on the grapevine you've got your bike back again! How is it?

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  4. Why thank you Bond.
    Yes its a pity about the paint, but some good news on the pipe front.
    Mr Remus here in oz seen the the problem oops. quote "a misprint in the oz part number". Hmmm but they did have one here in oz, that does fit, "quote a more expensive one that is for race not street use" Arrh hello, who in the hell races a 600 bandit, but becuase of the stuff up will part with it to apease me, you know good will etc etc etc. Its nice I think, kinda loud after 3 or 4 hrs in the saddle, took it for a blast down the GOR saturday. Loud but it runs real nice. :D
    As for the paint job, blah dee blah dee blah, the list of excuses goes on, heres just 2 of them. 1 My paint was 8 years old and is sun faded, the paint to the body work is by the numbers supplied by suzuki. 2 Standard suzuki paint is coated with 300 microns of clear, the standard for repairs is 1200 microns therefore a deeper ( darker ) color. I just couldn't be buggered anymore, so later on I will strip the bike down and powdercoat the frame black, and the problem will be fixed.
  5. Not bagging you but are you sure about the 1200 microns of clear for a repair?. That is 1.2 mm of clear which seems a bit thick to me.
  6. I am only quoting, to the best of my knowledge, what the repairer has told me, In both examples 1 and 2 I personally find them both hard to believe. Example 1 could almost be beleivable, but how come the paint under the seat on the frame is still lighter in color, Now I know ( with tongue in cheek) the bike has spent some time on its back sliding down the road, but I still fail to see how the paint gets sun faded under there.
    Personally I think the repairer is full of you know what, and has stuffed up, but I would prefer to have the bike back and rideable, and sometime down the track when I do a motorchange, I will powdercoat the frame black.
  7. Hey folma maybe it shines brighter from down there than you think :LOL:

    Good to see you nack on the road again :)
  8. Hey Gav, like my mother,( again tougue in cheek,oops, :shock: yuk, ) I know the sun shines out of you know where 8) , but even so. :LOL:
    And yes I'm glad to nack on the road again :D , pity bout the weather today. :(