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Congrats Firefling

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Flipper, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. .............On reaching the 'Great Australian Dream' :dance: :dance:
    Last weekend Dave and I had the pleasure of helping Minna move into her new 2 story townhouse in Noble Park.
    The place is gorgeous and she has even thought of her mates in the choice of place. It has 3 bedrooms so there is room for us to stay if the need arises :beer:
    I'm sure that once she has unpacked and settled in that there will be a house warming ;) oh, and maybe AFTER Mum goes back to Hong Kong :rofl: ;)

  2. Yes, nice one Minna.

    Let's not forget the new PNUT and Chubz castle in Cranny as well...
  3. I was gonna wait till they moved in :p
  4. Congats Minna. :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

    And to Pnut and chubz :p
  5. Indeed!! Way to go! [​IMG]

    ...Welcome to the mortgage belt guys... have a drink on me! [​IMG]


    That's our next major project, but will be a couple of years as we want land for all sorts of horsepower!!!!

    Well done!
  7. Well Done Minna :grin:

    Cheers :cool:
  8. Great news Minna - well done :)
  9. Just around the corner from me then :LOL:

    Is she the one who used to be or is still with Ratty? I may have seen
    her pic somewhere before.

    Congrats anyways Minna. :)

    Not an easy thing to do in this day & age.
  10. Hey thanks all! :grin:
    It's been a hectic week moving in. Still moving stuff around. Couldn't go out and enjoy Easter and with this bloody great weather :cry: :tantrum:
    Oh well, I do have a bigger more comfier place to base my operations :cool:
    As to those who don't really know me, I'm the one that rocks up to Friday night coffee all tipsy and merry :wink:
  11. Well done firefling, now all you need is for us lot to come around and lower the property value for you :LOL:
  12. Hey Minna, Congrats on the new place, just say the word and we'll be round to warm the place!
  13. Congrats, Fling! That's awesome. Now if you could just invite the NRs around every night for a big shin-dig and lower the housing prices I might be able to buy too :LOL:
  14. Congratulations. :)
    Party time! :beer:
  15. well done Minna, enjoy it :grin:
  16. Congratulations on the new abode...
    It is a great feeling
  17. Thats ok Minna,we went for away for you :grin:
    As for the house warming, does that mean you get to fork out tonnes of cashola to the bankata, and then some-on heaps of niblies :popcorn:,then get to clean your new house, so people can come drink your beer :beer: empty your fridge, [-( eat all your food :-# leave all their mess and say :beer: thanks,seeya :? gota love parties at your own house.
    But seriously, now you can get a cat/dog/elephant/park the bike in the lounge, paint the walls lime green and basically do what ever you want to the place :LOL:
  18. Hehe, it's still in the process of "fixing up the place" but I probably will get a party happening once it finishes. As to the property value, there's a scooter parked in the first unit :shock: Explained to Mum that motorcycles are better than scooters :LOL: