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Congrats CodeBlueChick and Trenshadow

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Today is their Big Day!!!!
    that the gorgeous Jas will walk down the aisle to begin her life with my old buddy Trenshadow.
    They met on a Netrider ride a couple of years ago and today is their wedding day!! \:D/ \:D/ \:D/
    Could they ask for more perfect weather? I think not.
    All the best guys, you make a beautiful couple and we wish you all the best in the long journey you are both about to embark on with each other.
    I think I will be needing the tissues today ;)

    Love Deb and Dave
  2. Well done guys...

    Have we mentioned lately... :LOL:
  3. Congrats guys \:D/
  4. Have an awesome day
  5. YAY! Have the bestest day!

  6. Niiiiiiice! Congrats!

    Hope it's a brilliant day and life :)
  7. well done, all the best :grin:
  8. That is super news, congratulations to the both of you. The second Netrider wedding in less than a year, after Jay and Lill tied the knot as well. We really do connect riders, don't we???
  9. And lil and I are still happily connected, except she is out riding today and Im at work.

    But we will connect later :wink:

    Congrats Jas and Dan..... :grin:
  10. Thanks everyone! I used to be on here alot until we started doing this whole wedding thing...hehe

    Had the best day, the best weather, the best people attending, THE best cake and got to marry my best friend..what more can you ask? Oh..thats right...how about the best stretch HUMMER! :grin: :grin: :shock:


    Us IN the Hummer

    Us being dumb!
  11. Well Done you guys!

    Have a long & happy life together :)
  12. Congratulations guys - lookin' good :grin:
  13. Congrats guys. Here's to many, many years of successful married life together.
  14. grats guys
  15. He'll make an honest woman out of you Jas.


    Congrats guys :grin:
  16. So you gave up the pink ribbon ride for that? Shame! Shame! Shame! pmsl! Good Luck or invite me to your next one!
  17. congratulations, another credit to the quality of netrider :)
  18. All the best to you both.
  19. :-w

    Well done guys and have a great future together.

    Have you worked out how to fit the increased vehicle fleet into a single car garage yet (not the Hummer) ??
  20. 2 more days and it would have been exactly 6 months since your last post :p

    You look gorgeous in that pic.

    Congrats ;)