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Congrats Cadbury (Shannon)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flipper, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. After a lovely (yet interesting) ride down to Warrnambool and back today, may I be the 1st to congradulate Shannon (Cadbury) on the purchase a purple 98 Across. Looking forward to yet another ride down to Kez's house next week to pick up Shan's new baby :D

  2. Congrats Shannon!! woo hoo \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

    The Acrosses are taking over. hehehehe :wink:

    :D :D
  3. Congrats Shannon!!
    Heres to lotsa fun adventures on the new toy! And I know you will enjoy your new toy lots!
  4. Woot new bike :D :D :D Congrats and have heaps of fun

    Stay safe

  5. meh...it's an Across but I suppose you gotta start somewhere :D

    JK Shan congrats on getting a bike can't wait to get you out on some netrider rides! :)
  6. Well done Shannon, the looking is all over! see you soon for a ride!
  7. Congrats Shannon on your purchase.
    See you next weekend so we can go and pick up your new baby.
  8. Agreed!! :LOL:
  9. Congrats Shannon!

    Now (well, once you got and get it anyway) it's time to get out and do lots of K's, and start showing Keith how to ride.. :p

  10. congrats ( i think)...... great too see you found a bike your happy with. Ride safe and sure we will see you on the road soon

    Cheers Stewy

  11. that should not be to hard showing keith how to ride

    Congrats Shannon
  12. onya Shannon !!! When are you planning on going down to Warny to pick it up ? Could be an excuse for a Netrider Ride Day ...........
  13. Congratulation Shannon,

    Look forward to seeing you out there soon :D :D
  14. Congrats on your new bike Shannon! Will be good to see you out on the road ;)
  15. If you want to organise a netrider ride to go pick upthe bike Im in depending on the day.
    Wouldnt mind getting down the coast for a run.......
    congrats Shannon great to see you on the road soon
  16. Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to going on some group rides in the near future!
  17. Congrats on the purchase Shannon! :D :D :D
    Just in time to get it all happenning for some lovely summer ridng!
  18. When are you picking up the new machine Shannon?
    I am thinking all of netrider wants to be there! :LOL:
  19. Well at the request of her ladyship, it will only be a select few that will heading to Warrnambool this weekend.
    Plenty of time for everyone else to see Shans new baby :D
  20. Well looks like I am not one of them :roll: