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Congrates Azz and Jadey!!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. (in happier recent news)

    Azz and Jadey got engaged at the WSBK at Phillip Island on Sunday after Race 1 (exactly).


    Congrate's the both of you, your so cute together in your matching draggins and still cute without them.

    Bring on the party!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. yep congrats guys, heard the good news late last night, azza you are one lucky boy =D>
  3. Congrats, ex-'Fireblade' :LOL:
  4. Yay you two
  5. dont know them but woooooo
  6. Thanks guys :D

    It was a Netrider coffee night when Jadey & I met almost 4 years ago and some of those same coffee nighters from that night were amongst us at the P.I track when Jadey proposed to me after WSBK race #1 while we were standing on the hill at Siberia.

    Jadey turned to me amidst all of the cheering from an almost dead heat, got down on one knee and said "now that that excitement is over, it's time for some more...". She took out a black box from her pocket, opened it up and there was a keyring inside with writing on the back saying, "Marry Me?"

    :shock: In shock I asked if she was serious, after a quick and teary nod from Jadey, I'd said "YES", and that was about the time most of our unsuspecting friends around us clued on to what was happening.

    Then Jadey tells me that my bike's on it's way... I having no clue at all, ask what bike, while realising there's a cutout picture of a silver 2010 BMW F650GS hanging from the keyring, Jadey points to it and says that bike :dance:

    Now I've got an easy way to remember our anniversary, and means that every year will be at Superbikes to celebrate it \\:D/

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  7. Great stuff.
    Be able to tell the kids where you proposed!!
    That'd be a laugh


  8. Congratulations Azz and Jadey!

    Hope you folks have many wonderful journeys together on and off your bikes! (y)
  9. Congrats guys,

    off topic, saw you in the city last weekend Azz, you where sitting on a scooter
  10. You 2 are in the top 3 lovely people i have met on this site. I wish you all the very best of luck & well wishes. i hope you grow old together as my grand parents did ( married age 19- 92 ) Your both wonderful people

  11. Hey dude, congrats and all the best --

  12. I'll double that!
    Please don't let my wife know but I love the proposal story, about a bajillion times better than ours, and wish the two of you every ounce of happiness and joy that life can bring.=D>
  13. ohhhh she proposed to you, never seen that before, again, wooo :)
  14. Congrats - I dont know you...but you better get her a BIG freakin' rock!!

    Lovely story :D
  15. This big enough? Was going to put it on the back of my bike but my occy strap wouldn't fit around it :p

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