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VIC Congestion costs vic $4 billion a year

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by peter-reebok, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. On the news tonight ( channel 2 abc) it wasstated that congestion costs the victorian economy 4 billion dollars a year.

    So the solution is a congestion tax to dissuade people to use their cars on the road network.

    What an opportunity to sell motorcycling as an alternative that eases congestion, is better for the environment than cars, eases parking issues, and as survival depends on getting along with other road users, may even promote a community spirit of tolerance and joi de vivre ( sorry about the spelling), lowering the road toll?

    Or do I have my head in the clouds.?

    But a call for inclusion would give motorcyclists a positive message for a change.
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  2. govt needs the big road projects to keep unemployment down.

    the belgian study got ignored so not much chance for anything else.
  3. A reason to argue for filtering with Vicroads on a cost benefit basis given TAC doesn't give a cr@p about seeing it on a safety basis.
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  4. Read the Age article about this today. One thing I noticed was that Eddington claims that (in part) congestion is costing business money due to the freight sector being mired in congestion, and then goes on the argue for the freight sector to contribute more financially to the transport system due the load it imposes.
    FFS, give with one hand, take with the other? I don't think this report is well thought out at all, and is little more than a promo job for the infrastructure industry. He's asking for massive public transport projects and little else, apart from more taxes and charges.
    That point of view is predestined to ignore other solutions.
  5. Hey, I have a new question to add to the strategy survey:

    Would you support motorcycle filtering if it staved off or deferred a congestion tax?

    Watch the support roll in then.
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  6. They published a comment I submitted to this article today :cool:

  7. +1 Rob. Excellent point. That would make an excellent topic for a VMC Media Release (hint, hint...:angel:).
  8. If you want to stand between a State Premier and a new tax, I suggest you wear armour. Or at least stand behind a crowd of angry car drivers.

    Very good points though.
  9. I just thought we could spread the message we are part of the solution.

    Without taking anything away from anyone else.

    Positive messages will be spread by people with no stake in the other arguments. Negative messages will be spread by everybody.
  10. Got my comment in too

    Ignoring powered two wheelers again. A recent Belgian study found if 10% of drivers switched to powered two wheelers, congestion would be reduced by 40%.
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  11. RACQ have an interesting policy document about congestion pricing.


    I suggest you read it but for me the point relevant to this discussion is that if congestion is reduced by people switching to motorcycles, then at least some of the benefit will be annulled by induced demand. Congestion pricing would be a longer term fix and still benefit motorcyclists through faster commutes and lower costs.
  12. How does reduced congestion benefit motorcycles? We aren't affected by it.
    How does a congestion tax lower costs for motorcycles?

    In any case, it's irrelevant. Government doesn't WANT a solution to congestion. It NEEDS congestion so that it can justify the tax.
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  13. Well even if you can filter (without getting pounced upon) some of the time it is still faster for you to drive at the speed limit if there is no congestion.
  14. Mendosi who is talking about exceeding the limit?
  15. In London motorcycles are exempt from the congestion tax
  16. Sorry, I was unclear.

    I mean that if the road is congested then, even if you filter, you are still driving below the speed limit. Therefore filtering is still slower than driving on an uncontested road. And, this, even we benefit from reduced congestion, though we benefit less than car drivers.
  17. titus is on the money.

    Of course the government isnt considering motorcycles, motorcycles would solve the congestion problem. This is all about limiting freedoms and giving huge amounts out our money to private companies to build pointless transport options that nobody will ever use. Ever so slowly they will push us out of our cars and onto their busses and trams and trains and whatever other dumb soloutions the ****sticks at the transport dept can come up with.

    But yeah, a country with out problems is boring for the governments, there a problems with Australia in all states and federally, that simply go unresolved so that the government workers and politicians have something to work towards, but they never solve the problem, just sit their figuring out ways they can blame us for the issues and take even more of our money.

    Congestion cannot be solved, literally, its not possible not to have congestion in the 21st century.
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  18. Would a congestion tax lead to better roads?? Are they planning to improve public transport to cope with the influx of people they are trying to get off the roads??

    I'm not sure unconnected, I'm fairly happy with Eastlink and its lack of traffic.
  19. There is one already. Hidden in the fuel costs. Raise it if you really need that money, but please DO NOT add another stupid tax which will affect everybody, including people never standing in morning/evening traffic.
  20. Yes, but the fuel tax is paid whether or not you drive on congested roads.

    Those who drive in the dead of night and contribute nothing to congestion should not pay as much as those who jump on the roads in morning and evening rush times. Otherwise it isn't a congestion charge.