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Congestion Charging

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by PatB, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Just came across this


    Bikes are exempt from the London Congestion Charge. Anecdotal evidence suggests that bike usage went up ~20% and bike crashes went down ~20% when it came in.

    Is it too much to hope that, should congestion charging be considered in Australia, bikes would be similarly exempt? It all appears very preliminary right now but getting in early to lobby never hurt.

  2. I'd laugh in pain if such a system was ever introduced to Sydney.. public transport system (and inner city road organization in general) is totally inadequate.
  3. in nsw, we pay full road toll charges as a car.

    In melbourne, they don't pay tolls only because of the front facing cameras - the new frankston freeway is set to charge bikes.

    It costs more to register and insure (CTP or vic TAC) a bike than a car (except for low capacity scoots).

    Bikes have been routinely forgotten in all road user planning I can think of with the possible exception of the ability to use high occupancy lanes.

    In WA (perth is it?) you have problems legally parking a bike on the street in some council areas!!!

    Summary: yes, I think it might be a bit much to hope for.
  4. No disagreement there Phizog.

    I guess my point is not so much on the overall good (or otherwise) of a CC, as more along the lines of, if it is adopted, an exemption for bikes is likely to be beneficial.

    I do have considerable reservations about the implementation in the UK and what might be adopted here. However, if it does happen, I think it behoves us as motorcyclists, to extract as much advantage from it as possible. A big reduction in crash rate, as appears to have occurred in the UK, would be a major benefit.
  5. Yes indeed. It is illegal to park a motorcycle anywhere in WA including your own driveway :LOL: .

    Yes, bike parking here, by and large, is crap.
  6. so as far as congestion charges, have you not already answered your own question? Early political action as you suggest will be the only way to change both charging bikes and bike parking in one shot.
  7. Pat, I reckon here in Perth we may have a little while yet before they introduce a CC. :p
  8. True, but I like to keep an eye on what happens nationally.
  9. i'm going off on a tangent as usual so i apologise for that, but PatB's question got me thinking.

    No one ever agrees with me when i say this, but i'll through it out there anyway;

    I actually want WA to get some toll roads.

    Why on earth would anyone actually want toll roads? Because I have accepted that the State Government is pathetic when it comes to infrastructure spending. Of course it would be great if we didnt need toll roads, but if it means we get the large scale roads we need, then so be it.

    Unfortunately, it seems the government here with not approve toll roads, yet they also will not build the roads themselves.

    I hate to admit that what many eastern staters say about us is correct - WA stands for "wait awhile".