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Confusion regarding [P]'s (VIC)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Haider, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. I'm confused and I'm sure this has been covered In another post, unfortunately I've heard about 500 different thoughts.

    I'm 20 and turning 21 Jan 4, I can apply for my p's as of today but my question is..

    When I turn 21 and get my Open license should I wait until then to go for my p's?

    When on my full car license am I still restricted on bike CC's?

    Long story short, I want an Yamaha r6 for my 21st, any luck?

    Thanks guys, really helpful.
  2. Regardless of whether or not you have a full car license, your first 12 months of having a motorcycle license (not a Learner's Permit) are restricted.

    Ie: 0.00%BAC, power+displacement restrictions, no pillion, for 12 months from the day you pass your motorcycle P-plates/restricted-license test.

    Hope that helps figure things out.
  3. If you can afford it you can buy it. You won't however be able to legally ride it for another 15 months. 3 months on L's, 12 months on restrictions.
  4. I can afford it but is it really an option? I commute everyday about 35k over the westgate and about 150k every weekend, the cbr just doesn't really cut it as much as I would ASSUME a 600 would.

    12 months left almost makes me cry.

    Has anyone here upgraded before they legally could? did you suffer the consequences?

  5. In my book, nope. Running about without any insurance (because you would be un insurable) is a nasty risk to run. Why not trade the cbr for something like the LAMS approved SV or GS etc etc.
  6. Out of curiosity, how would a hard-edged sharp-steering wooden-seat RR bike like the R6 make the commute to work better or easier? They're wider than a 250cc bike, so it's not like filtering will be any easier either. :-k

    What port80 said; In the event of an accident (any accident where you're even slightly at fault), the insurance company will just laugh in your face because you are not licensed to ride an R6 and therefore they don't have to pay a single cent.
  7. better for fuel consumptions, time, street cred(kidding..)

    I prefer the sports bike It's just who I am, keeping my cibby for another 12 months seems like the go.

    I'm not a fool and what you guys said baout the insurance is the reason I'm not on an r6 now, plus to be honest I think 12 more months of unexpected lessons would better prepare me for a speed machine 600.

    Thanks for clearing the rule up, heard so many different opinions.

  8. excuse me, an r6 better than a cbr250 for fuel consumption??
    and why is your cbr no good for commuting?
    just get your Ps asap, and your 12 will count down soon enough.