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Confusion Rally - Licola _ 21- 23rd jan

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Gsxar, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. I couldnt find the old post on Confusion, its a top weekend with something for everyone.

    Rally on at licola,vic.
    21-23 of january2005
    great twisty road in
    cheap beer and spirits
    food on site/soft drinks,tea and coffee
    Gymkana, Trophys,Raffles
    $20 at the gate. signposted from heyfield
    PHIL PARA band saturday night
    more info; tim on 0418572008

  2. sounds great i'll be there!!!
    hopefully show a few v-twins the FAST way up the hill!
  3. is there a ride organised to licola or is it make your own way there?
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  5. I'll be there fer sure!!!

    Am ridin' down on the Saturday wiff the Z-Owners ....
  6. 10.30 am york hotel lilydale.
    this ride for experianced riders.
    also other rides leaving friday and saturday morning
    if you need more details post to let me know!!
  7. is that 10:30am at york hotel lilydale on friday or saturday?
  8. There is also groups leaving from Morwell On Friday afternoon & again on Saturday Morning for any anyone up that way who would like to hook up with others to ride up with .

  9. thats friday. there is a group going saturday but
    i dont have the info. try lloydd 0439338131 he may
    know about saturday leave times..
  10. Well what can I say???


    Had a ball at the "Confusion". Rode up there with the Z Owners, left "York On Lilydale" around 9:40am on Sat morning. Awesome ride out through the Powelltown/Noojee twisties, then headed for Cowwarr Pub for lunch. Got to the rally site around 2:30-ish and started settling in for a good time. The Phil Para Band was brilliant and got the crowd into full-on party-mode. Sunday morning saw the usual slow start after a good night, people nursing sore heads etc, packing up and pulling out. The only "incident" I heard about was a bloke on a new "R1" ( I think), who'd come over from Tassie especially for the rally and hit a cow on the way there!!! Heard from his mates that he had a busted wrist and a couple toes bent outta shape, from what I could see of the bike on the trailer, it was a mess :cry:. Spoke to a couple of his mates at the servo at Heyfield on the way back and they said he was "okay" all things considered, but was gunna have a rod inserted in his wrist (Traralgon Hospital). Wish ya well for a quick recovery buddy!!!!!

    All in all a top weekend .... looking forward to next years "Confusion" as it'll be the 20th Anniversary one and holds promise of being even bigger and better than this years!!!!
  11. top weekend. all bike accident injuries
    don't appear to be life threating[although
    somone may be batting for the other team
    after having his spine checked].
    and yes next year is the 20th so hopefully
    will be huge!!!