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confusing ad

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Saw this from a private advertiser

    Honda VT250F 1986 can ride away, no reg & RWCert,

    No i am confused how you can "ride away" with no reg or RWC??

    as far as i can tell from websites/ VT250 riders, The bike wasn't made until 1989

  2. The VT250F was made from 1983, the VT250L (Spada) wasn't made until 1989.

    The rest of the ad sounds a little confused as you say. I think the idea is that the bike is rideable but has no RWC or rego.
  3. ah thanks for that.

    nice looking bike.... to me anyway
  4. You can/must get a temporary permit from VicRoads to ride/drive unregistered vehicles on the road. From memory it's about $60 for a 30 day period and only allows use for travel between home and purpose of getting the vehicle roadworthy/registered.
  5. ah yeah shoulda clued onto that...just got one last week to register the car. silly me.
  6. I read it as "YOU dont have to get a RWC or pay for reg as it will be supplied"

    I have been wrong in the past however..... ;)
  7. either way, still no cash for it :(

    I'm looking forward to Christmas :)
  8. You can also get one to take the vehicle interstate if it is to be registered out of Victoria. I've done that - the only problem is that you get a temporary plate thats rather large - it fitted from outside edge to outside edge of a set of BMW Panniers. Because it's going interstate it's a different set of rules (14 days only from memory but it was a long time ago and has probably changed ) and is covered by some sort of reciprocal arrangement between the states... :?

    It also means that every cop around stops you to ask what the hell it is because they've never seen anything like it before...:LOL: :LOL:

  9. sounds about right.... one of Dad's mates is a motor wrecker...should hear some of the stories he's got!