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Confused with licencing

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by brent, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Hi,
    I'm looking at getting my motorbike licence. I'm 20yo and have only ever ridden a bike on farms. Hold a car licence (probabtionary).
    I read the motorbike info on the vicroads website but I'm still confused about the order of events to getting your licence.

    First you get your L's for 3months min. That I understand. Then it gets fuzzy. They do not define probabtionary drivers. They talk about probabtionary drivers and newly licenced drivers as two different things. So what's a probabtionary driver? When do you need to display P's?

    From what I can gather, i can get my L's now, and in three months have my full licence just with a few restrictions in force for the first year. L plates are essential, but no plates after that.

    Can someone please help me sort this out.... Thanks
  2. after you get off your Learners the two licences, bike and car become one :) if you have your P's on the car then you will need to display P plates on the bike to.
  3. Hmmm this has surprised me. So you are saying if I am on my full car licence (have been for 11 years), just got my Ls. When I go for my bike licence in 3+ months, I won't have to wear Ps? I am in Melbourne, Vic as well.
  4. Damn straight, undii.
  5. Undii
    I was told the same thing by a bike rider a couple of months back.
    If you have a full car licence then you don't have to wear P's when you pass your test but the restrictions still apply.
    I was also told by the same bike rider that you don't have to take the written parts of the P test examination if you already hold a full car licence.
    I don't know how much truth there is in this. As yet I haven't been able to determine what's correct and what isn't. The Vic Rider book is patchy to say the least. I've been meaning to get into a VicRoads office to clarify situation, but haven't had time as yet.
  6. That's correct, no need to display a P plate, but restricted for 12 months no alcohol no pillion no bigger than 260cc.
  7. zats a right :D

    me: did my Ps on the car so was on full licence when i started on the bike. displayed the L plate for the 3 months till i did my licence test and then chucked the plate in the bin. the same restrictions apply for a year, you just dont have to advertise it :LOL:

    my GF: still on Ps on the car. had to display the L while a learner and now has to put the P on her bike till the car Ps are up, then she can rip it off aswell. her car restriction end when she gets her full licence for the car, but she still has restrictions until a year from when she got her bike licence.

    and just to make things simpler (bwahahahahaha) if you get your bike licence early and are still on Ps a year after you do your licence test, the cc and pillion restrictions are lifted, but you still have to display the Ps and have 0 BAC till the Ps are over and they give you your full licence....

    clear as mud? thought so :LOL:
  8. Okay,

    Just got off the phone to Nunawading TMU on this one.

    If you hold a current probationary car licence, you are required to display a P plate on your motorcycle until the term of your Car Probationary Period has expired. Once this has expired, your motorcycle licence is still classified as probationary, but the displaying of a P Plate is not required. Restrictions still apply to your motorbike Probationary Period of 3 years.

  9. motorbike Probationary Period has only ever been 1 year.

    3 months min L's
    12 Months on P's (if you have your full car licence you do not have to display P plate, but restrictions still apply)

    the only time I believe you have to stay on your P's on a bike is throughout the duration of your car P's.

  10. Hmm looking at http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/vrpdf/trum/TR2000098_2.pdf It says Bike Prob. is 3 years and restricted licence = 1 year.

    But rock on that I won't have to display Ps after my Ls :)
  11. Rather than thinking about probationary period on a bike it is better to change to restriction (and keep probation totally separate from the licence).

    l's - 3 months (on bike)
    restriction - 1 year (on bike)

    probation - 3 years (bike or car - if you have finished your probation in a car, then you are not on probation on a bike, you are on a restricted licence not a probationary licence. If you have 3 months of probation time left in a car (example) then you must wear your p plates on your bike until that 3 months time is up - but after that you are only on a restricted licence)

    I had my full car licence when I got off my l's. I never had a licence that said "probationary' on top. The only place it referred to restrictions is a small line on the back of the licence.
  12. Thanks for saving me the hassle of typing that out....spot on
  13. the only thing i'd say is wrong with that (its very right in all other respects) is that you still have to wear Ps for 3 years even if you only have a bike licence. it is still a probationary licence but SOME restrictions are lifted after the year, you still have to wear the plate and you still have to have 0.0 BAC :? ohwell, at least we're in vic, QLD is more confusing from where i stand :LOL:
  14. My bike licence will be my first and possibly only licence for a long time. Do I have to display Ps and when?? What if I get my car licence when Ive got my full bike licence, or even just passed my bike Ps?

    So very,very confused.
  15. Great to see that I'm not the only one a little hazy on this. Thanks for the replies.
    I've only got another 8 months b4 I'm off my car P's, and I'm not getting a bike for another few months so I'll probably be getting my full licence when I'm off my P's.
  16. that one is easy just don't waste your time with car's - they are boring
    and if its raining just wear wets...
  17. Confused? Thats exactly the way they like it! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. You will have to wear P Plates for 3 years no matter if you got your licence for a car or bike first. So if you get your car licence after holding your bike licence for 3 years, you will be on a full licence and you won't wear P's.