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Confused on honda250s

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hazard121, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. Just wondering, the other day was having a chat with a mate and hes just brought a cbr250r and he said the 250r's were the local delivered ones and the 250rr were the imported? which i thought aswell, but i just checked redbook.com and it seems 250rr are local delivered and 250r is the grey imports??

    whats going on?
  2. Obviously your mate doesn't ride, cos he's WRONG!
  3. he rides :)
  4. here we go again....

    All CBR250R (MC19) were/are imported as GRAY imports by various importers... (all of them are second hand bikes) I have even seen a comp. plate with something Honda QLD on it..

    All CBR250RR (MC22) built b4 1994 were imported like the ealier models (MC19)... Some bikes built in 1994 (the last year they were ever built) were imported by HONDA brand new... these imports have HONDA MPE on their comp. plate and a later "built date" which is a lie as it is the year they were brought here...
  5. Honda has had a long history of producing lots of bikes that very similar but are different models. They have always prided themselves that they can produce a bike that suits every rider.

    Add to that their enormous production capacity and they can produce bikes to suit particular markets as well.

    While visiting the Philippines about 10 years ago, I found that Honda (and to a lesser extent the other Japanese manufacturers) produce bikes specific to Asian markets that we never see here.

    I rode several 175cc parallel twins, drum brake on the front, and only a 4 speed gearbox. These were alomst new and were (apparently) a dedicated model for Asian markets like the Philippines.
  6. ....I read what you said at the end, but I still thought the last ones were built in '98 :?

    :D :D :D
  7. When I was looking into them for my first bike, 94 was the last manufacture date and later dates we compliancing dates. So yer I agree with lordtb and only have the below to add.


    The above site is dedicated to the CBR250r(r) and CBR400RR so if you want to know they are they guys to talk to about the smaller CBRs

    Knightrider's post is a good summary. :LOL:
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  9. You gotta distinguish between the date they were actually MADE and the date they were COMPLIANCED here. So a bike made in 1994 and imported here could theoretically have a 2000 compliance plate, because that's when it came here I believe. That's the confusing paret.
  10. yeah complancing confuses it all a bit, was into the car scene, still kinda am and with imports, the compliance dates messes with a few people..
  11. the best way to identify the year of manufacture of a CBR250 is by the original japonise serial number on the head stem...

    CBR250R(J) (MC19) 1988
    MC19-1000006 to 1023630

    CBR250R(K) (MC19) 1989
    MC19-1050006 to 1067954

    CBR250RR(L) (MC22) 1990-1991
    MC22-1000001 to 1020576

    CBR250RR(N) (MC22) 1992-1993
    MC22-1050001 to 1056770

    CBR250RR(R) (MC22) 1994-1996*
    MC22-1100001 onwards

    *any CBR250RR(R) bought new after 1996 was actualy built in 1996 (this is a lie as production finished early 1995) and was labaled the CBR250RR(R-II)

    The R-II model has a fiew little differances to the R model... and this is the model imported to Australia by HONDA MPE unfortunately some twit at Honda took an angle grinder to the original Japonise Vin numbers and without a good look (or x-ray machine on some bikes) you can not veryfy the actual built date!!