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Confused about SV650 LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jase1, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. So im looking to buy a bike, this is my second bike after my first was stolen. Im tossing up between a GS500f, SV650 or gsx650f. Currently leaning towards a SV650.

    What is bothering me is looking on ebay, im confused about which SV650's are LAMS approved. They all seem different. Some people have said that it's the SV650SU which is lams, but there's none of those whatsoever on ebay or other sites and on the suzuki official website it doesn't eve advertise an SU model.

    I have a similar problem with the GSX650f.

    If anyone could tell me how to identity a LAMS version of these two bikes (mainly the SV though) it'd be a massive help. Otherwise i'll settle for a gs500f, they are cheaper and seem piss easy to find one in excllent condition.
  2. Firstly, Suzuki's motorbike Web site has been revised and the correct site for their LAMS range of bikes is here. <-- clicky

    From that Web site, I found the following information re. their current revisions of the two bikes...
    • SV650S LAMS - Model Code: SV650SUL2
    • GSX650F LAMS - Model Code: GSX650FUL2 LAMS
    (Note: the L2 suffix denotes the year/model), so the "U" denotes the LAMS model. Apart from that, you'll need to see the registration papers where the LAMS designation is written.
  3. The LAMS for SV only started in late 2008 so by default anything before then isn't lams. Anything after that, if it has SU in the model then its LAMS. GS500s are be cheaper, but heavier, less capable and not as fun.. you get what you pay for.
  4. Bumping this old thread back, I went to look at an sv650s this morning, and the dealer told me it was the LAMS model. Apparently sv650s is unrestricted and sv650su is restricted. I couldn't find a single U on this bike, and I can't find any information on which VIN numbers designate restricted
  5. Oops... Posted before I was finished. Anyway yeah, can't find which vin numbers are restricted and which are not, and I can not for the life of me find anything that physically differentiates the restricted version from the non restricted... It's bothering me as the bike i saw this morning was absolutely perfect, but I don't really want a restricted one... If anyone knows how to tell the difference besides ripping the throttle and lifting the front wheel id love to know!
  6. Pretty sure with the SV it just has a right angled bracket that stops the butterfly from opening fully so I guess that can get checked easily enough don't quote me on that though.
  7. To be 100% sure look at rego paper in nsw as it has Lams written on it if it's a Lams bike
  8. Yeah apparently the rego is the best way to tell, but I'm looking for a physical difference in the two bikes. Like there would have to be a different vin number for LAMS models than for non LAMS..

    Forgot to post this earlier, it's been sitting here unspent. Anyway I just called Suzuki Australia and they were extremely helpful. They told me the vin number on each bike will give all the information you need, but unfortunately there wasn't an easy way to identify which is which - there are changes in the number orientation for every model and every year. For what it's worth, the 2012 model sv650s lams (sv650su) vin will start with JS1BY222200 while the non lams version (sv650s) vin will start with JS1BY132300. There was an ABS model too, and I forgot to enquire if this was available as a LAMS bike as its model number was simply SV650SA, but in any case it's vin starts with JS1BY134300

    Quick summary -

    For 2012 Suzuki SV650 models, the vin numbers start as follows:

    JS1BY222200 - SV650SU (LAMS)

    JS1BY132300 - SV650S (non LAMS)

    JS1BY134300 - SV650SA (unsure if LAMS or not, but the A designates ABS)
  9. Also worth a look, is ...... Oh Bugger!
    My bookmarked Road Vehicle Descriptor Online, has been chopped off from its link on the RMS(NSW) website.

    If anyone finds it, please let us all know.
  10. Never mind, just bought a firestorm ;-)
  11. Heres a pic of my (L)ams (C)ompliance plate hope it helps
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