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Confused about screens

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Pjcliffo, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. I have only been riding for 3 years but have done about 25000km. My street triple with just a flyscreen has smooth windflow up to about 140kph. I fitted a triumph visor to improve wind protection but found It only protected my chest which had not been much of a problem. It greatly increased wind noise and buffeting around my helmet which made cruising worse. I rode a few other bikes with small screens eg ninja 1000 and found the same problems. I also rode 2000km on a triumph thunderbird LT with its full screen ( the shorter one) and found its screen very effective and cruising was very comfortable.
    So is it no screen or full screen and the rest is rubbish?

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  3. I guess it depends on what your perception of wind noise and buffeting are....

    I have say, a half screen on my VFR. Taller that a super sport screen shorter than a tall touring screen and I find it fine, if get above 150km/h then I gotta duck down a little but other wise it is fine.

    I wear earplugs so wind noise is never an issue.

    For general cruising around up to 100km/h I couldn't care less if there is a screen or not.

    a lot of people swear by double bubbles which is supposed to deflect the wind differently than just a regular screen.

    the other thing to consider is your helmet, some have terrible aerodynamics.
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  4. You make some good points. My bike with just flyscreen is fine at 110 and don't need earplugs and at higher speeds it discourages speeding. After giving up on the triumph screen I went out and bought a helmet for nakedk bikes shark speed r and that seems to work well instead of a screen. I am going to try a double bubble soon on my bike.
  5. I tried a Dart screen on my old Street Triple and found it just moves the windblast from full body to upper chest/helmet. Not sure its a real improvement. Worse, the current version is mounted on the instrument cluster and bingo, it cracked ($$) at speed one sunny summer day down the highway. Regretted the whole thing. It's a naked bike, sitting high (not like cruisers), just cop it sweet.
  6. I put a cheapie Ebay, tinted double bubble visor on my fireblade when I had it, did such a good job It felt like I was sitting in a car, I think it was $50 from china............probably not ADR compliant though if you're worried about that