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Confused about P's (NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jeffatav, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. I just do not get it!!

    With all the P plate deaths on the roads lately, whats with bike rules!

    My son got his car red p's and soon after went through the L's and then red P's for his bike.

    The thing is,after one year on red P's, he is now on a unrestricted for his bike and he is still on his greem P's for his car!!!!! His licsence is an "unrestricted" looking card and you have to look closely to find the corresponding codes.

    Are the Pollies therefore saying that after one year on a bike, your cool to go, yet you must spend another two years on P' in the car (which I consider easier and "safer" to operate than a bike)

    I am not advocating a longer P's period on a bike, but why the extra time is needed for the car???

    If you cannot operate a car safely after one year (irresponsibilities and all) why do they deem that you can a bike.

    More Car driving training?????????

    Am I the only one that sees the annomally???
  2. Nope your not alone.

    Also dont forget that while on L's for car, have to log every time they sit behind a wheel & they must clock up certain amount of time in all weather & trafic conditions
    L's for bike, here is your L's off you go enjoy

    Yes an L or P driver licence is the same as any NSW unrestricted car or bike driver/rider and you do have to look very carefully for the code on licence.

    Quite honestly Im surprised that more kids havnt picked up on that fact. Guess there is more "Status" in the teenager foodchain in having a car.
  3. I did, but still the age to get your bike P's is longer than the car because you start the cars L's at 16, and the bike at 17 years.. (well i at least think that anyway - correct me if im wrong)
  4. Just checked with the boy and he confirms that you can get them at the same time (age).

    And as everyone knows, P platers know everything.....yes?????
  5. Every reform to P-plater restrictions is an attempt to be SEEN to be doing something rather than actually solving the problem:

    Our driving training system is inadequate.
  6. "Safer to control a car than a bike?" True in a sense but car is also more likely to clean up bike on the road.. :LOL:

    Quite honestly, the way a lot of the P-platers drive on the road which I have encountered, I would recommend at least 3 years.. Was watching the news last night and all these new road rules they put in place to target p-platers.. I will have to say.. a big thumbs up.
  7. My attitude is similar to that of the whole anti-speeding campaign.

    There IS merit in what their goal is - but it is being achieved through blatant lies, misinformation, and cost-saving actions.

    No passengers at midnight might prevent a couple of accidents, sure... but you will have a stack of drivers who were TAUGHT for their first year of driving it is more important that they watch their speedometer than the road next to them or behind them.

    I still maintain - P-plater accidents happen because of driver's testing their limits and lacking the knowledge or skill to know when to back off OR recover lost control of a vehicle.

    No-one wants to kill their mates. This is not the goal or desired outcome when a driver pushes that pedal down a little further.
    They simply reduce their response time, change the dynamics of the vehicle - and then they are outside that zone of familiarity which allows them to anticipate, expect and control.

    Sometimes, this results in an accident.

    At least a basic workshop explaining the physics of a vehicle under acceleration and braking [including discussions on traction] (and JUST LIKE we learn in the bike L's course :eek: ) - and then ideally; allowing a young driver to discover for themselves just what can go wrong, in a controlled environment - where they can scare themselves without damage or injury.

    ****ing band-aid legislation.
    Teach your kids to drive well. Give them some perspective and philosophy about what they do on the road.
    ... and FFS don't rely on the RTA's minimum requirements to do that properly for you - because you may end up like that guy with a dead kid, who couldn't teach his son to drive properly, but SUDDENLY is an expert when he's put on a committee.
  8. NSW P plater's (car, as pointed out by this topic, quiet different story for bike)

    P1 = Red P plate & hold for @ least 18 months
    P2 = Green P plate & hold for @ least 24 months

    To go from P1 - P2, must pass the HPT
  9. Honestly,

    If you cant pas and advance drivers training course; regarding how you are meant to react and if you can, when you are in a dangerous situation, You don't get past your P Plates. I do not care how long that individual stays on them, indefinitely if they cannot understand that you have to drive to live and survive and they will not endanger anybody else on the road.

    First and foremost, lean that are using a lethal Weapon when you are on the road, that includes bikes. :)

    Second learn how to use it properly, not just how to move it from here to there.

    Lastly if things go wrong, can you not panic? Can you get yourself out of trouble?
  10. No they aren't. We told them so.

    If it's not turbo/a V8 then it's a P-plater safe vehicle (accordng to RTA).

    What could go wrong?
  11. The problem is young, stupid drivers. A friend of mine picked me up and as we went down my street in his sports car he went about 60. My street is big enough for 1 car to squeeze through and its very bendy with lots of blind corners. So he decided to accelerate as he came up to blind corners. If a car had been there, there would have been no chance to avoid collision. I yelled at him for being such an idiot, but thats the way he always drives. Its young stupid drivers like this that put everyone else in danger.

    Instead of enforcing new laws and penalties for not driving properly, they should introduce more thorough training so they CAN drive properly.
  12. True, but I consider even a little 4 cylinder vehicle, even a scooter as a lethal weapon :)
  13. Of course it is. For anyone who is incompetent behind the wheel - they are a danger no matter what they are driving.

    But that is not the RTA's position thus far.

    The RTA says "They can't drive [these] cars anymore. Problem solved! Your kids are safe! Please increase our funding and try not to rock the boat."

    Now it's "They can't have more than one passenger. Problem solved! Your kids are safe!"

    ... and unless someone thinks otherwise and teaches young drivers properly, that's the kind of shit they will swallow.
    Oh, because I'm just in a little Corolla with no passengers I have greatly reduced the chances of me having an accident.

    Oh! It's raining! Let's go drive around some negative camber corners at the posted limit! That'll be fun and safe.
  14. I think it comes down to trying to restrict the body count.

    If the drivers gonna take himself out, lets try to stop others from being in the car at the same time, less death. But doesn't help whomever that P plater hits, nor the fact he should be taught to drive correctly, not lets cut the body count because politically its better then a costly training process.

    Its stupid and all political,

    Or am I just too cynical???? :(
  15. No.

    Assume the most appalling and shitty solutions to a genuine problem - decided upon out of misinformation and whatever is cheapest to implement... and you'll be correct on all sorts of political changes.
  16. Ktulu - you're speaking my language brother!!!! Couldn't agree more!!
  17. Actually in NSW it is 16yo for car L's, 16 and 9 months for bike L's, 17 for P's but must have held bike L's for at least 3 months.

    for over 30yo, bike L's to open license can be done same day, do the L test then the P test (which migrates to full bike license)

    Been through all this recently with my bike L's, and my son's. He just turned 16 and 9 months and got his bike L's to go with his car L's that he has had for 9 months.
  18. You'll see what I mean when he comes off all P's (unrestricted lic.) for the bike but still on green P's for the car.

    Confused??? :eek:hno:
  19. As far as the difference between licence requirements between car and bike, it is a symptom of the deep-seeded problem of a government that has totally ignored bikes in it's transport strategy. It is the same as the ludicrous situation we face in NSW with parking bikes. And the inequity of the tolling system.

    The state government refuses to pay any attention to bikes, lumping us in with cars. Apparently when a state govt sanctioned planning group was formulating a large redesign/refurbishment of the Darling Harbour precinct, they included special provisions for everyone except bikes. Taxis, small trucks, cyclists, large trucks, pedestrians etc. An MCC rep who attended(who was only there because she heard about it through her pushbike forum - every group except riders were invited) questioned one of the committee members about this and the response was a blank look. They totally forget about motorbikes and no-one picked it up.

    This is one of the most infuriating things the MCC is lobbying the state govt over - the lack of consideration. Especially considering the growing numbers of riders on the streets. And with this ridiculous excuse for a govt changing their ministers quicker than a bottle of milk can go off, they have to start all over again with each new MP.