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VIC Confused about L's & P's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jeimuzu, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I know this topic has probably been posted numerous of times, but I'm actually confused about a couple of things.

    I recently got my L's and from my understanding;

    - 0.00 BAC
    - No Pillion
    - Restricted to LAMs legal bikes

    I'm 27 yrs old and have had my full car licence for almost 10yrs. A friend of mine told me that I don't have to display my L plates on my bike since I'm on full licence, and also the same for when I get my P's.

    A few days down the track, another friend of mine told me that I have to display me L's at all times and that I won't need to display my P's plates when I get them?

    Can someone please clarify what the requirement is? I was came across this thread, though it's base in SA.

    Any help would be much appreciated :)
  2. Your other friend is correct..

    As you have a full car license, you must display your L plates.
    After 3 months on your L's, you can go for your full license when you pass your test.

    No P's required but you are still on:

    - 0.00 BAC
    - No Pillion
    - Restricted to LAMs legal bikes

    for one year whilst riding your motorcycle...
  3. Welcome to netrider mate!!

    To answer your queries:
    1. You are required to display L plates for a minimum of 3 months, after which you may take the P's test.

    2. If you pass the P's test, you will be able to ride without displaying any P plates (provided you have a full car license), but will face the same restrictions as a P-plater (i.e. 0.00 BAC, no pillion, LAMS) for a period of 1 year after you come off your Ls.

    See here for reference.

    Happy riding!
  4. As long as you are on a Permit you must display your L plate.
    When you pass your license you will be issued with a full bike license and will not be required to show P plates. You are still subject to LAMS restrictions, Zero BAC and no pillion for a further 12 months

    P1 and P2 Restrictions
    Motorcycle Probationary License

    BulletProof and Joe beat me too it ;)
  5. +1. Just confirming that once you pass your L to P test, you can take the L plate off and there is no need to display the P plate BUT the restrictions are still there for one year.
  6. Woah, you guys are quick! Thanks for the help/link everyone. I appreciate it heaps :)
  7. Is this the same for NSW ???
  8. No. In the same situation in NSW it is Red P (displayed) for one year with all associated restrictions and then on to full license (no green P period).
  9. Get out of Victoria while you still can.
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  10. Victoria is very likely to move it's motorcycle graduated licensing scheme to something looking more like NSW's so there will be mandatory 12mth L's period and longer P's period and NO CREDIT for previous driving history.... plus some other restrictions.

    If you have the opportunity, get your L's now. You can hold onto them for up to 15mths.
  11. :rofl:
  12. ^^WHS

    When I started riding over a year ago, I was told this, and advised to get my Ls ASAP if I thought I'd like to ride. I probably should have got my full licence a little earlier - I waited until June.

    Rob, do you think that any of these laws will impact on those of us still on a restricted licence?
  13. Good question. My guess is that they won't be retrospective - but who can say. IMHO there are some nonsense suggestions in the proposed GLS that commonsense should have knocked on the head... so I guess that could suggest that you don't bank on commonsense applying to the transition period.
  14. and remember the l plate has a big L on it and the p plate has a big P on it
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  16. Sherlock I'm on tapatalk so can't check that link properly, but that says web updates 19 12 2011. What have they updated???

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  17. Eek, that proposed new system is damn strict on new riders.

    I just got my Ls last November, should I be worried at all?

    I plan to get my Ps next month, so hopefully she'll be right...
  18. No Rob, It's the 2010 discussion paper.
  19. Not sure on that but I think it is current. The page that pdf file linked from had something about it being updated and current. I only came across it today out of interest since I'm in NSW. The 2010 date was first release and I think it has been updated progressively since.
  20. There's going to be a huge demand for riders if the supervised L's gets through..
    I'm just thinking our Sat morning Lerners at St Kilda thread may become poplular and a means for full license riders to go past L platers homes.
    Or something in that order..

    Looks like 3 years lams even for those who've had car licenses for years!
    Bull crap really, it's not the period of time you hold a specific license but how much and the type of riding you do in that period..
    Been just over two years since getting my L's then license and I've covered nearly 60,000K and all conditions. Have a mate who's had his a year more than me and only 6-7K in that time, only on sunny days and covered bike with blanket during the winter..

    Won't make him more competent after the 3 years now will it..
    Time frames should be left the same and some sort of a logging system that works put in place..