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Confused about first purchase

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Maetrik, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    New here. I hate to ask a question that im sure has been asked 1000 times but i dont have regular internet access and i'd like some suggestions asap.

    Im looking at buying a road bike, and i had my heart set on either a GSXR600 or a Yamaha R6 but LAMS doesn't state that they are approved rides.

    You are all probably thinking 'another learner wanting the most powerful bike', however this isn't the case, i want a 600 or thereabouts for a few reasons.

    1. I've ridden dirtbikes my whole life, and despite them being vastly different, i think i would get bored of a 250cc very quickly.

    2. I don't want to have to sell a bike after 6 months to upgrade, i'd like a bike i can progressively learn on for 12+ months.

    3. Im 6"4' and am not familiar with any smaller bikes that would suit my size.

    Can anyone recommend any bikes similar to the ones mentioned above that would suit someone of my size/experience on other bikes. A friend has an SFV650 Gladius, however it doesn't really appeal to me.

    I know my questions are broad, but can any of you bike nuts give me some advice? Im open to a 250cc if it is recommended by many but i'd really like to avoid selling after 3-6 months.

  2. Go to your local bike shops, most of them will know exactly which of their bikes are/aren't LAMS approved.

    Suzuki have a range of 650cc learner bikes, 3 of them I think. Plus the GS500.

    Kawasaki have a few, ER6nL and the faired version.

    Yamaha just released the FZ6r. Had a little look today, but it didn't really impress me.
  3. why doesn't it appeal? looks? seating position?

    I rode a GS500 and loved it, but was ready for a bigger bike by the time I came off restrictions. I suspect that will be true of any lams bike though.
  4. Im not the biggest fan of naked bikes, so the SFV650 isn't at the top of my list. And yes, the seating position isn't desireable.

    the_blacke, do you have experience on one? Im definitely open to suggestions. As stated, ive ridden dirties by whole life but my road bike knowledge is most certainly in its infancy.

    I understand under LAMS i am going to have to reach a compromise, but i want a bike that im really going to enjoy rather than just riding it until i can upgrade.

    lucifer_mr2, that FZ6R looks like the type of bike im after, however in all honesty as a learner i think it is more imperative to ride something suitable for my ability, not for aesthetics.

    Apologies for the noob questions, but i'd like to hear from riders rather than dealers who just want to make a sale.

    Cheers guys.
  5. I've got the GS500F and so far couldn't be happier with it..
    I did look at some lams 600-650cc bikes but they're all restricted which swayed me towards the gs. And having them derestricted isn't as simple depending on which model but would have to be re-registered as a non lams bike which also can be a pain.

    So I'll stick with the gs which is more than capable for my needs at the moment and then take my time on what to upgrade to...
    Although I do have one in mind at the moment.
  6. How does it rate for someone my size?

    6"4' 100kg?
  7. I'm 5'9" and just over 80kg.
    Quite a few here own the gs and hopefully some taller riders will give their views.
  8. I just bought a GS500 and I'm 6'3" and 100kg. It is plenty of bike. Crossed the great dividing range in 6th gear without breaking a sweat. What more do you need?
  9. Not much by the sound of it, cheers all for the responses.

    One last thing, ive been told to forget everything ive learnt on a dirt bike and start from new on a roadie. Any truth to this?
  10. i had a similar problem to you and have decided to wait until i get off my restrictions no point buying a lams bike now only 1 month left
  11. I beleive I was the first on here with an FZ6R. It is a very nice bike, with more than enough power. Sits right on the power to weight limit so is basicly the fastest LAMS bike you can get. Plus only has a throttle restriction which is very easy to fix.

    Check out my thread for pics and info.

  12. Pretty close to accurate, (in the learner stage, but that dirt experience may come in handy if you try stunting...)
  13. I'm 6-2 and about 85 kgs..I'm on a GS500, it fits fine and is pleasing to ride without being a handful.
    Have a look also at the gsx650F..I love her looks.
  14. I test rode a GSX650FU a little while back, it's a great bike and definitely sportier than the GS500 but it's expensive and derestriction is troublesome at the end of your provisionals, plus they're pretty heavy mate.

    Maybe a DRZ400E might be the go for a dirt bike rider hitting the road?
    Or are you really just looking at sports bikes?
  15. Yep.

    But your dirt riding skills will transfer over but in modified fashion to suit the different kind of ride (road).
    One MAJOR thing you have up your sleeve apart from the general exposure to riding, and your current level of skills, is that you are used to moving around on a bike - something you need to feel free to do, once you get more road experience and hit the twisties a bit.

    Road riding is far more "tactile" compared to the brute force of dirt riding...so you have to get your senses more finely tuned for the more subtle feedback your bike gives you.
    You can't just wrestle a road bike...you have to learn it's character and then ride within it's design brief and your ability, as a matched pairing of rider and bike.

    Oh...One thing to watch out for...In dirt riding you are used to looking down at the ground just ahead of you so you can pick your line through berms and ruts and rocks etc....On a road bike you MUST keep your head up, and be looking alot further ahead.

    On the dirt bike you're used to the thing bouncing all over the place, and the rear tripping, spinning, then gripping etc...On a road bike, if any of that happens, you will usually and quite immediately be on your face before you've had a chance to realize what has happened.
  16. Well thats it, dirt bikes rarely maintain constant traction if you're thrasing them around whereas roadbikes are obviously in contact constantly, or else you'll be on your face as you stated.

    Interesting to note about looking a good distance ahead, something i will definitely keep in mind. I guess there is a reason Rossi/Lorenzo/Stoner and all the others stick their head out looking right into the corners.

    dcbear78, that bike is exactly the look i'd be after, very nice. However ive decided to stop taking advice from people who've just got their L's themselves (no one here, some of my mates) and ask either my instructor or some guys at the bike shops.

    Can't wait to finally get my own ride, hopefully make it down to the island for the GP!
  17. Yes there is, riding experience.

    Are you saying you've not ridden a bike for 14 months & are going to buy a 'busa?
  18. Don't get the 'Busa, too sluggish, you want Part Time:

  19. Let's hope not... ](*,)
  20. DR650 great bike for a learner and goes like stink.