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Confused about an incident that sparked road rage.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aerodynamic, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. So i was riding home from school a small while ago, along a 2 lane road, i was in the left lane, the right lane turns into a turn right only lane and the left lane keeps going straight. im cruising along in the left wheel track (luckily) and there is a 4x4 in the right lane next to me, the turning lane. I was about level with him in his car, and could clearly see him.

    Continue up the road a little further and he gets to the part where there is people lined up to turn. I stayed about paralell with him the whole time.

    He moves lanes left into mine making me swerve away from him and speed up to get infront and get away from him.

    At the lights about 300m away he stops in the left lane (im in the right) and starts mouthing me off in a very colourful way of saying "your stupid", I looked at him, put my visor up and just looked straight ahead until the lights went green, ignoring the 5 minutes of abuse he spurted out.

    The worst thing was, his number plate was QLD... :roll:

    So am i in the wrong? should i have slowed down and let him into my lane? and if so...what the hell do you guys do when someone starts yelling abuse at you on the road?
  2. boot his mirror off so he learns that he aint the king of the road.
  3. NEVER EVER EVER ride parallel with a Car/4wd
    Leave a buffer where they can see you and you can see their face either in their mirror or your mirror.
    Technically it isn't your fault but don't ever stay parallel with them it's asking for trouble as they won't see you straight away.
  4. Kinda is your fault in that you didn't slow or speed up and you knew his lane was ending. Didn't leave a space for him to merge.

    He's in a tank and your on your bike, doesn't really matter who's at fault when you're always gonna come off second best.
  5. I thought he would have turned right, seeing as though he was in that lane.
  6. Was he indicating to come into your lane? Was the line unbroken?

    In SA (where i is from) if he's indicating then the zipper rule applies... You would have needed to speed up or slow down and let him in or maybe even (god forbid) he could have slowed a little and tucked in behind you.

    If the line was unbroken, well then he's fcuked up and should have been out of that lane earlier.

    Thats from a technical stand point... from the real world position, if he hit you, you'd be pretty f#cked so just keep those eyes working and give your self plenty of room.
  7. Have you ever heard the expression "You know what Thought thought?..."
    The moral is pretty close to the usual stuff about not making assumptions.

    You were probably legally ok, but I never ride next to, well, anything.
  8. That sort of thinking will get you injured or worse
  9. Good learning experience you can take away from this, if someone panics about a lane ending, about to miss their turn off, hates the person in front of them, raging.....the quick glance and power rage into the lane is gonna happen before you know it!
  10. cool thanks for the info guys. ill make sure to not make a habbit out of riding along side people. Lucky i was buffering but :)
  11. Re: Confused about an incedent that sparked road rage.

    Mistake 1

    Mistake 2

    Him just merging into your lane when you are there is not acceptable obviously. Technically if lanes are merging, the person not in front should give way to let the other person merge in (although doing so would be stupid if you had to mash the brakes as thats clearly more dangerous) - which is useful as you can just gun it to get in front of them (whilst next to them), and they technically have to let you in if possible.

    Riding the way you did, you're working on the assumption that people will see you and you're relying on them not to merge into you. By always positioning yourself correctly you can avoid these situations, eg. Riding further forward than the person next to you, or further behind. Next to them is the worst place you can be, minimise time spent there - ie. when going past them do it quickly dont loiter in that spot, and in heavy traffic be ready to accelerate out, buffer yourself correctly and if you are suspect, have your thumb ready near the horn.[/quote]
  12. Just assume you're invisible.
  13. Completely ilegal and extremely dangours when the adds say every k counts but for the past 30 years I always go 10ks faster than the traffic flow,your a moving target that is easier to see,your not in a blind spot for long and your even more on your tows,be aware that there are lots of blind spots on 4 wheel drives,in my old patrol you could miss a semi if you didnt do a head check.
  14. What keeps getting drummed into me is, you're a ghost, travel along asif theres a chance that sombody hasn't seen you. I used to get caught up with stuff like that, but in the end, right/wrong of them, i'd rather stay accident free then prove my point and stay in my lane well within my rights, and have an acco.

    Good on you for getting out of the situation ok, and handling yourself well.
  15. A good place to be in relation to other vehicles is either - you can see them in YOUR mirrors, or, you can see their eyes/head in THEIR mirrors.
  16. What sh1ts me is when I do speed up or slow down to let them come across, and they still match my speed.

    Or when they see their lane is about to end so they speed up from behind me to 'gedinfruntmate' but they run out of road at my expense and personal danger.


  17. Strange, never happens to me. :?
  18. One look at you smee, and I'll be putting my car into reverse :LOL: :LOL: :p
  19. If he was indicating then he has a right to be annoyed - if he wasn't then he has no right to be annoyed - having said that +1 to all the advice about not sitting alongside.

  20. :p I'll pay you that one :LOL: :LOL: