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Confucious once say ....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by OFI-NT, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. I am in a real quandry thanks to this (net rider) forum. I only found the site a week or two ago. I was hoping to use it as a means of tracking down a bike (model) I used to own 28 years ago - Honda VF 1000 F11F candy apple red. To help me finance this I am selling my second car. Now for the problem.

    When I first owned one it was an absolutely beautiful piece of machinery and ran superbly. Part of the reason for wanting another one is the joy / happiness it gave me when I had one and would like to relive those feelings. Since deciding I wanted another one, in checking the internet for information it appears the Honda V Four had a reputation for being costly as you headed toward 100,000km. Is this a deserved reputation?

    Secondly, I didn't expect to find one so quick ($3,000 in Melbourne) as I have been looking on and off for several years. The buyer for the car just backed out yesterday, realising his family of six won't fit in a 5 seater.

    Third and lastly I have seen and been looking at a Ducati Monster 696 and I think I am in love again. Everything I am reading suggest that the Ducati is a great all round bike for an Ol' F*rt like me. Stuff this bloody site making my life more difficult than it already is. 8-|

    Cheers OFI-NT
  2. If it fits, wear it, that's about the only rule I'm aware of.
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  3. The old memories are a lot better than the old bikes

    Buy yourself its great-great-grandson, a VFR 800......

    Oh, and welcome to the uncomplicated world of Netrider :LOL: ....
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  4. As your in Darwin, the biggest hassle with a Duke is the dealer. Try threading your testicles through the eye of a sewing needle. It'll be quicker and less painful than dealing with them
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  5. Which dealer is better though? You hear the horrors about them all.
  6. True. But there is the regular bad service everyone else does and then what those idiots on the highway do.
  7. Are you talking about getting the bike here or after purchase dealings. They seemed helpful when I spoke to them yesterday.

    You may very well be right there and thanks for the welcome.

    Cheers OFI-NT
  8. lol
    just lol
  9. I've had run ins with the owner before he purchased the place when he was a cars sales man. He wasn't helpful then either.

    The staff are mostly good, but when management takes over to get something ordered or sold, good luck. They only want to flog tractors to the great unwashed because they make more money on them, and then they get stuffed about to.
  10. The problem with 80s bikes are the 16 inch front which means no choice in tyres and the ones they have are expensive. Agree that you should look at the vfr800 as well.
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  11. VFR800 - the Swiss army knife of bikes.
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  12. But less useful, much more boring and with no real cutting edge.
  13. The average of bikes or if you will - a two wheeled Camry :whistle:

  14. Indeed......

    I was curious once and rode a 2008 VFR800......

    Not bad, bad......just boring bad.

    Heavy - confused.

    NICE engine - once you wind it up.
    SHITE suspension.
    Did I mention heavy?
  15. Theres not much else if you want a v4 honda. The 1200 is heavier again