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Confrontation story...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. I was just reminded of this incident today actually, and figured I'd give you guys a little story to read.

    This is a little different to the standard 'Dickhead [A] in Car performed Retarded Action [C]' although I had one of those and tried to turn and chase but Mr Twitchy in the Honda was well and truly gone.

    Anyways, this one's actually a pedestrian incident:


    Once Upon A Time...

    While still on my L's I was riding up Merinda Rd in Baulkham Hills, Sydney, nearing the intersection to turn onto Seven Hills Rd.
    As I came around the corner, there is a bus-stop there. I was on the lean, but not going too fast and had plenty of time to straighten and brake for whatever is stopped at the lights.
    Anyway, as I'm coming around this corner, this kid - probably 14 or 15 years old, jumps out from the bus-stop ALMOST onto the road, throwing his hands in the air and screams "RAHH!" to scare me.
    Now, I'll confess - I was surprised.
    I didn't crash or anything, but it was very off-putting and I wasn't happy about it at all: so I decided to go and talk to the kid.
    I needed petrol anyway and there's a servo on the corner, so I pulled in, dismounted and walked back up to the bus-stop.

    Kid is still there with a few friends sitting and watching his antics - I witness him do the same jump out scare to a car coming up the same road. I watched him long enough to make sure he was right in the head and I wasn't going to have some parent defending their autistic child for trying to make friends with road vehicles - then approached and spoke to him.
    I'm over 6ft and had all my bike gear on, so the first look this kid had on his face was an obvious mixture of:
    -appearing confident while showing off in front of his mates
    -ready to beg me to stop hitting him.

    Here's what I told him:

    "G'day mate. Look, I was just riding up here and you did what you just did to that car. I know it's probably loads of fun, but I'm only just learning to ride my motorcycle, and where a car driver might get startled and swerve - I could actually fall off and get hurt. Now you don't have to listen to me, I'm only telling you this because I know other people who ride bikes and they feel very strongly about people causing accidents to motorcycle riders.
    Where I am just letting you know it's not appreciated, these guys would stop and hit you. They wouldn't care that you're a young guy at school or anything.
    So please settle down, that's all I wanted to say. Have a good afternoon lads."

    To be fair, he apologised. I'm not sure if it was entirely genuine but I was satisfied and left.

    I think I handled it well - hope he (& friends) learnt something.
  2. "A soft answer turneth away wrath..."
  3. You're a better man than I.
    I find a gut punch works best.
  4. shoulda punched the ****
  5. You don't punch a kid for being a kid, for fcuk's sake.

    If you can, yeah you tell them what they did wrong and you tell them why it was wrong. Get his phone number and call his folks or the cops, if it was something life threatening. But if I ever saw an adult punch a kid, he'd get the same from me.
  6. +1 Van. I might have had a bit of a go at him but ya don't hit a kid. My eldest is 15 and if someone hit him watch out, not for me but him! :twisted:
  7. I wouldn't have punched teh little gromit, but i would have been a little more forcefull in my words, and explained things like that if i put the bike down because of it he would have to explain to his perants why he had a bill for several thousand dolars in repairs. And also explain how incredibly unimpressed the boys in blue would be at seeing that sort of behavior.
  8. I think you deserve a pat on the back Ktulu. You did the best thing in everyone's interest without hurting the kid.

  9. A lot more effective to come back with half a dozen mates on bikes and scare the crap out of him... :LOL:

    Half a dozen bikes pulling up next to him and he'd be over the fence and far away... :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I think you did the best thing you could (other than calling the police). The way you handled it was good and it would have scared him enough.

    EDIT- Story removed
  11. That's unbelievable restraint you showed Ktulu!! :eek:
    I'd like to think that I could hold myself back as much as you did just because he's a kid...
    If you had of hit him, his attitude towards bikes and bikers would've been fueled with hate and who knows what stupid crap he would've pulled with the next cornering bike :?
  12. I wouldnt hit him, but i would have words with him,and he would then no that what he did was very stupid, then give him some tissues to wipe his eye's from all the cryin he's been doin, and then send him home to change his pants. :eek:hno:
  13. Hmmm I hear what hornet is saying, but it as hard thing to do sometimes.
    Sometimes the right thing feels wrong and the wrong thing feel O so right.

    Evolution......got alot to answer for.
  14. That was a long 1st post, I didn't read it.
  15. So should he call the police or punch you :LOL: ??
  16. Hi Ktulu,
    I have to say, very well handled,

    I usually not the best solution,
    nor is yelling and ranting and raving like a madman.
    the calm approach achieves the best results, IMHO.
    Bet that kid wont do it again,
    and will remember what you said for a long time,
    good work.

  17. If his old enough to be jumping out infront of cars and motorcyclists and could cause life threatening accident , then his old enough for a a smack in the head or a foot in the arse
  18. I tend to think the approach actually used works best but yeah I agree with the general sentiment. And as to the defensive parents out there. You would want to see where the kid got the mindset from wouldnt you?
  19. You can't stop kids being kids.
    When a little shit did that to me one time I stopped turned around and gently spoke to him telling him that if he were in my position and a little fcukwit like himself jumped out what would he do? Would he be prepared to be hounded by my insurance agency for the money for repairs because he thought he was being smart in front of his friends?
    I then said that he needed a cure for his attention seeking behaviour because his friends were now laughing at him.
    I then offered him a ride and said at 50 kmh I would push him off to simulate what it would be like to fall off because that's what copuld have happened to me.
    He went remarkably quiet but didn't apologise.
  20. :roll: :LOL: