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Conflicting Quotes.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Since im broken i thought id research my new bike upgrade.
    Im keen to do the touring thing and the bike will be riden everyday.
    So i started to look at some decent touring/off road-ish bikes.

    BMW F650 gs was on the list as the 1150 GS was way to heavy.
    but decided against it as my 250cc hornet goes faster than that. If im going to keep up with my girl then i need a bit more grunt.
    Im now seriously looking at a Ducati Multistrada 1000ds. Yeah in my dreams i can insure that. Im a new rider with 1 year experience, dont have or have ever had a car license so i expect it to be pretty high.
    Im 31 so i got the age thing in my favour.
    So i do an online quote with RACV-------$3581 fully comp....no chance.
    Then QBE-------$595 fully comp. WTF ! ! ! !

    since im an insurance newbie i dont get how the difference can be so much.
    I know that the cover with QBE might not be so good but at a $300 excess how much difference could i really expect to get.
    If my bike is in an accident i will be covered, if it gets stolen im covered.
    What am i missing for the extra $3000.....with RACV ?
  2. nothing, RACV suck smelly dogs balls :evil:
  3. hey stookie what rating are you? as i have found racv pretty expensive if your not rating 1..... saying that, i have found now i have reached rating one, that moist of the qoutes from them have been fairly reasonable.....

    other thing to note is i don't believe online qoutes..... once did one with a car policy, called them up and told i wanted to go ahead and then all of a sudden the price increased..... not sure whether they are better or not now, but will not do them after that one time
  4. Im with QBE just now and its cheaper than RACV by $500.
    But I expected to pay a hell of alot more than $595 for a Ducati 1000ds.

    Even if they quoted an extra $100 a year its still way cheaper than $3500.......I dont get it.

    It will be the deciding factor in getting a bike like that
  5. I have no experience withe RACV (natch) but I have found QBE to be very easy to deal with, Jay
  6. I believe the way that both RACV and AAMI work with bikes is that they will only insure you as a Rating 5 or 6 no matter what rating you are in a car.

  7. not so greg, i am rating one in the car, toke out the policy on my old bike, and was also on rating one...... :)
  8. Take a look at the strom as well.
  9. If you're prepared to go second-hand, maybe see if you can find a Cagiva Gran-Canyon?
    Ducati motor, so that keeps it in the family, but heaps cheaper than the Multi, and better on dirt. Not many around, tho'.
  10. I find that by taking these little blue pills called Via....oh wait, you mean on a bike yeah?
  11. I looked at the Strom too. But since the girl is a Ducati Nut then Im more tempted to look at the milti. Got same engine as the model above her 900ss so she is enthusiastic about me getting 2, so we can both go do the touring thing.
    I didnt like the Strom, my fist choice would be the BMW R1150 gs but im too small and its too heavy. My friend has rode one and said its a boat to manouvre slowly and YOU wil drop it and good luck getting it back up.

    Multistrada are affordable at around $16k with about 4000k on clock. My girl has had no issues with her bike ever and has done over 85,000k in 3 years from a new bike. thats got to account for something. And she doesnt ride like a girl either.

    Haggismaen......Im a better ride than the Ducati, no need for pills.......Scotsman will please everytime.
  12. 1150 GS is pickable fairly easily if you have the engine protectors on her. You can actually rock her upright on them.

    Though I'm with you. Unless you're doing two-up long distance touring, don't bother with the 1150 GS.

    BTW, the 1200 GS is from memory 16kg lighter than the 1150. Still a beast at over 200kg though.