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Conflicted Newbie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jatta, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone

    I have a dilema & need some opinions.
    After years of my husband wanting a motorbike I have decided that hubby deserves to have a bike and I am planning to get him one for his 40th birthday in August.
    I am a total newbie to all of this & know I will need some help & guidance as cars/bikes are not my thing lol.
    Hubbys brother & sister in law are both owners of bikes so who better than to go to for advice?? WRONG, apparently the story is the sold their bikes due to them being dangerous and having a few near misses :-s
    So now they are very reluctant to help me as they think its a bad idea. I now feel that if I were to go through with this and something were to happen that my inlaws will blame me for it & I will blame myself. Is it wrong of my brother in law to dictate what his older brother can and cant do, am I wrong in thinking that hubby is old enough to make his own decisions? I feel so conflicted about this, and now I do not have anyone at all to guide me through this whole process :?
  2. Get the bike :)

    He wants it. You'd officially be the coolest wife in the world!

    Hubby is old enough to decide for himself, and I don't think there's a better 40th pressie than a bike!
  3. 1. I think it's his decision, not the family's.
    2. A bike would be a great present, but not a surprise present. Tell him, take him shopping, discuss which bike with him.
    3. There is an element of risk. You can get hurt or killed doing this. In a way, that's part of the appeal.
    4. As a beginner, at 40, there's a pretty good chance it's going to fall over or get knocked over, or even have a few little bushbike type crashes. It would be a shame to scratch up a nice new bike. A small, rugged, 2nd hand bike would be most suitable.
    5. It's heaps of fun. He'll love it.

    6. Hollys right. You are officially the world's coolest wife.
  4. I would say you have to let him pick one. They are like beer, wine or love.
    Buy him a helmet or jacket. And when he asks or gives you that WTF look. Smile and give him the nod.
    Ps if it does not work out with him will you marry me lol
  5. What Brett Said :D
  6. Just think, buy him a bike and he'll never get the shits with you the next time you walk in with a $300 pair of shoes.
  7. Get one each, you'll win the wife of the century award.

    Oh, and get down to Saturday practice together.

    Definitely go the 2nd hand route until you find out if riding is what you want to do.
  8. Jatta, go for it - but he will need to pick something he likes and that he can manage.

    Will he be a learner rider?? If so he will need to start on a LAMS bike, which narrows the choices down a bit. Check out http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home...cences/Approvedmotorcyclesfornoviceriders.htm for an explanation of LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) and the official list of approved LAMS bikes for Victoria.

    Good luck, and let us know how you go!!

  9. And +1 to Hawklord - get a matching pair. How cheesy would that be?


  10. lol Well I aint one of those girls, Hubby gets annoyed at me for not spending money on myself, I am not a shopping type!

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions, except the marriage proposals lol
    I think I will stick with my decision & let hubby make his own decisions (y)
  11. You should have heard what Heathers family said to her when she told them she was getting a


    There DANGEROUS, you will kill your self, Your too old, ETC ETC ETC,

    She said bugger you lot, I am getting one any way,
    He's 40 year old, he's not a kid,
    Does he need their permission to marry you, go out with you, Go to a party, Do they wipe his backside when he goes to the Dunny. Good grief, who do these turkeys think they are, telling you how to run your life.
    Tell them to piss off, Its his and your life, and its the two of you that count, not his family,
    Wander into a bike shop or two, maybe four or five,
    Ask him what he likes up to 650 cc, Thats all he can have, Lams, if he doesnt have a current motor cycle licence,
    Find out which one he likes, Then go back and buy it for him, Also buy him a learners licence course from HART or other learner school.

    Hand him the keys to the bike and the licence course receipt to him on his birthday,
    He will love you for it,

    Thats a surprise party I would like to at, Hahahahahahaha When you hand over the keys to his new, second hand bike,

    Do you have some one thats into bikes and can go with you to suss it out when Hubbys not around,

    Ive been riding big bikes for 47 years, I am still in one piece with every thing still attached and working,

    Life is to be lived, or dont cross the road because a BUS will run over you,

  12. Yes he will be a learner, so it will all be very new for him :) I have been looking at the LAMS bikes, I am learning by the minute lol
  13. Totally agree with you! Life is to be lived and I believe this is one dream of my hubbys that is within our reach & he deserves to have it. I was going to throw him a surprise 40th but I think the bike is a MUCH better idea :D
    Unfortunately I do not have anyone to accompany me to the bike shops, thats where I thought his brother was going to be the help but apparently not!
  14. :idea:
    If he will be a learner ( I gather he doesn't have his L's yet )
    Then why not book a try it day at HART in Somerton for both of you ..
    Gives both of you a "play" on a bike for 90 mins ,
    Then you can book and pay for his learners ( and yours too if you want :D )
    Thus the beginning of his bike experience , will be his choice from then on as to what he rides etc , with your help of course ;)
  15. there are so many styles of bikes it dangerous to buy one for someone. get him a cruiser and he really wants a sport bike or vice versa. buy him the learners course (or a return to riding course if he still has a licence) and let him take it from there.
  16. Hi Jatta,
    the whole idea of you giving him permission also means that in his eyes this was something earned. Your relationship has a level of trust and he would be foolish to take that for granted. He is not some 19 year old, full of testosterone and big ideas. Older learners appreciate the machine and the ride and are not all about the speed and defying death. If the in-laws bought him a bus pass and he got hit crossing the road, would you be on their doorstep for an explanation?

    P.S. Based on you photo, comments and general attitude - if things with the hubby ever went south, you would have a fair share of NetRiders to keep you company ;)
  17. I do know that he likes the sport bikes, I know what he likes the look of, but what is going to be comfortable for him is something only he can choose. Hubby is 6'1, 115kg, he is a big fella, one of those chunky weightlifting muscle faces lol
  18. I think it's a great idea!

    Riding a motorcycle though has it's costs. Firstly there's the bike, they aren't really cheap, then there's modifying, maintaining, servicing, cleaning etc etc etc.

    So is he ready for this? He might say he'd love to own a bike and ride, but has he really ridden one? Get him to enroll in one of the HART courses where he can actually have a go on a bike, and get real advice on riding.

    The most important thing I think though is that you cannot surprise him with this gift. Buying a motorcycle is like dating, you try a few - you don't like them really, you try some more until you find the right one (this is correct...right? :p).

    In the end he needs to feel comfortable on what he is riding, he needs to enjoy it both ergonomically and aesthetically. Must be able to sit comfortably on it and be familiar with the controls. Must be able to understand how it moves, turns... it's general 'feel'.

    Then, once you have purchased the bike I would highly recommend going back to a place like HART and getting some more training for riding on the road, they give great advice - both practical and theoretical on how to stay safe on the roads.
  19. haha thanks, not planning on going South just yet lol
    One thing is for sure is this bike is going to rock his world, he would never expect this in a million years! I agree about the maturity thing, when I first met him the thought of him having a bike was a scary thing going by the way he drove his car :-s he has definitely gotten over the revhead stage & I do believe he would not be foolish on a bike, there are too many consequences, he has a 14 year old daughter and lets face it a pretty cool wife :D:D lol
  20. Heather is 61 by the way, and only got her learners licence in July last year,