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confirmation the world is getting dumber

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, May 13, 2011.

  1. Incident 1

    Checking in for a regional flight on Rex out of Whyalla, I decided to check my laptop as well as my suitcase, as i could see it being put on the plane and cabin storage is usually pretty limited on these smaller planes.

    So the girl weighs the two items and say "there will be an excess baggage charge"

    ibast, "and if carry it on I won't be charged?"

    her, "No"

    Expecting her to see the stupidity of the situation, I was waiting for her to say "Don't worry about it".

    Instead I had to take it on as hand luggage and she spent the next 5 minutes taking the item back out of the system whilst 15 people stood in the queue.

    Your turn

  2. A few weeks ago at a local big brand pizza establishment, I found out on collection that the price had gone up by $1.

    No big deal, I just wanted to know when that happened and if there was a reason (other than regular price inflation). The guy got argumentative that the price has always been what it is now (with the extra dollar) and I continued to highlight that I had been paying $1 less previously including just the week prior...

    At this point I became furious when he proclaimed, "that is not possible".

  3. With the little chap about to turn one, and me and the gf feeling a little more adventurous about taking him to eat out, I'm finding I'm increasingly being confronted with this sort of stuff.

    The Girl: Can we have penne without the sauce for the little fella?
    Waitress: Um, er, sorry. We can't do that.
    G: Why not?
    W: I can't put it through the register.
    G: Can't you just go and ask the cook?
    W: He doesn't like to alter the menu.
    G: But it's less work for him.
    W: Oh, OK, I'll ask him... [leaves and returns] ... It's OK, he says he'll do it.
    G: How much will it be?
    W: Um, it will be the same price.
    G: How's that?
    W: Um, I still have to enter it into the register somehow.
    G: Why don't you enter it as something different and charge us half. Or just let us pay you for it and not enter it at all. Your boss won't going to care the till balances out $4-5 high.
    W: Um, OK, but that will mean writing down the order and passing it to the chef.
    G: Can't you do that? You're going down there anyway.
    W: Oh, um, OK. I can do that.
  4. A friend of mine has been working in PNG for the past few years. This is an extract from one of his early emails back...

    as you walk into the Port Moresby domestic terminal, there is a sign that says: “Passengers, Guns and Ammunition, This Way”! And I kid you not, but when I last went through security in International, a fellow in front of me took out his hand gun, put it in the plastic tray and put it through the x-ray machine! As you do! Don't ask me! I simply collected my belongings and caught my plane!
  5. My wifes 12 year old brother is staying with us, we went to the supermarket to get him a $10 recharge for his phone the other day, the young lady there tells me they don't do a $10 recharge, only $5 or $20.

    "Ok", I say, after a brief, awkward, pause, "can we have 2 x $5 recharges then?"

    "ummm.... I guess that will work..."


    Ogden, same thing with Subway, ask for a 6" roll for my daughter with just cheese, "Sure we can do that, but we'll have to put it through as a pizza sub, that'll be $4.75"

    No doubt they'll throw that piece of bread away at the end of the day if it's uneaten...

  6. Yeah, it's fun taking the little ones out for dinner.
    They just don't get how easy it is to not put cheese on something or not put dressing on a salad.

    With Duty of Care, OH&S, Political Correctness and Tom suing Dick & Harry for looking at him funny etc, If we need to change an order because we know our kids'll don't eat it;
    He's lactose intolerant, he's allergic to onions, tomatoes make him violently ill etc. :wink:
  7. local bakery used to *give* away their day old stock to a very appreciative nursing home. Bureaucracy stepped in and they are no longer allowed to, although selling it in the shop marked as day old stock was fine.
    Its a crazy world and its just getting crazier
  8. Reminds me of when I flew from Melbourne to Mildura and the security screening checks were done at Mildura airport after we landed. Bit late then methinks.
  9. Melbourne is a city of sin. You never know what you might bring in.
  10. incident 2:

    You get the same old email about this on a regular basis but it happened to me the other day.

    Early mourning start and I had to get some petrol. I wasn't fully awake, so it took a bit to click what was happened.

    $27.40 worth of petrol. I only had a $50 and some change, so I gave the guy $52.40.

    He said "anything else" with just enough difference to get my attention.

    "no mate, just the petrol"

    So he put $2 on the counter but doesn't quite have the conviction to push it back over to me straight away.

    He frigs around with the till a bit more and I forget what promoted me to say it, but I said "I gave you $52.40". To which he barks "Vwhy?"

    I said, "just give my $25 change"

    He did, but he was still looking at me as I walked out as though I'd ripped him off.
  11. Domino's?
  12. My dad had a solar power system installed recently - but SP AUSNET took a couple of months to install the right solar friendly feed in/out meter.

    Since the day the cells went live, Dad religiously recorded the generation figures from the inverter and the consumption from the power meter and there was complete agreement. He has months of data.

    Eventually SP AUSNET installed the solar power meter and all of sudden Dad's power consumption has gone up at by 10 times the normal rate and barely registers any solar generation. Clearly something isn't right right?

    Neither his retailer or SP AUSNET will do anything until Dad puts in an official complaint in response to the bill...
  13. One of the local cafe's has a full breakfast for $10.50. It includes:

    Toast + egg of your choice + bacon

    I ask for Coffee, toast, poached egg, bacon and an orange juice.

    Bill comes to about $13.50

    I go outside and as it was early, it took me a little while to work out what had happened. Enquired of the lady doing the tables and she went and checked. They'd charged me for the individual items and not the 'All Day Breakfast', the ingredients of which I'd asked for. Of course, I was being smart. I knew if I asked for the ADB, I'd then be asked how I wanted my eggs, tea or coffee and what juice I wanted. I pre-emptied their questions. They looked at me as though I was the one who'd made the mistake....
  14. We had a blackout in our are last night due to the inclement weather.
    I ring the power company to enquire an ETA as I had to be somewhere and the wife and kid had to stay at home.
    After being on hold for 30 minutes (fair enough as they had issues) I let the guy know there was a blackout in our area,
    I give him address details then he asks if it's our house, I again said "no it's the whole area, there is no power anywhere," He says hang on I'll check the connection to your house, again I repeat mate it's not just our house it's EVERYWHERE, after a pause he says yes there is a blackout and 2600 customers have been affected, ETA is 4 hours.
  15. This happens to my mrs all the time. HAHAH.

    As soon as you do something that requires them to use their brain (which is actually easier and should require less thought) they short circuit and lose the plot. Happens alot at supermarkets
  16. Heres another good one that used happened to me.

    Maccas: Can I take your order please?
    Me: Can I have a 20 pack of nuggets please
    Maccas: Sorry we don't do 20 packs
    Me: (Confused as to why they don't want to give me 20 nuggets) What do you mean?
    Maccas: We only have 6 packs and 10 packs!!!
    Me: Oh, my apologies, can I please have two 10 packs?
    Maccas: two 10 packs, anything else?
    Me: No thanks...
    Maccas: Drive through please!!!

  17. Sounds pretty typical.

    Even the simple stuff is too hard. Try asking at the bar for glasses of milk for your kids at a family pub when you go to order drinks for your dinner because your kids actually don't *like* soft drink, and soft drink is all that's on offer with the kids meals.

    Can I have 2 glasses of milk please?
    We don't sell glasses of milk.
    What's that there in the fridge?
    Can't you pour it into two glasses and sell it to me?
    It's for the coffee
    (Blank look)
    Here's an idea - how about you pour it into glasses and ring it up as soft drink?
    Oh, ok I guuuueeeess I could do that...(pause)....okay
    Thanks ever so much.
  18. Buying fish and chips with a mate a while back.
    I say "two flake and two potato cakes, umm i dont know if I
    want chips as it's too many for me. (mate doesn't eat chips and has ordred two potato cakes) I wish chip shops still did a dollars worth of chips".
    there was a pause while the lady behind the counter folder her arms and said " Well? do you want minimum chips or just a dollars worth?".

    We still laugh about that every time we get take-away.
  19. Woman came into shop today to get two boxes (she only wanted boxes, not to actually buy anything). She spent 15 minutes measuring boxes and sorting through our boxes (only had about 25 boxes there) and when I questioned her as to what she was doing she replied, "I just need two new boxes. I've got two boxes under the sink at home, and they've been there for ages. They're just so handy. But I saw a cockroach in one the other day so now I need some new ones."

    Uhhh.. lady, I don't think the problem is your boxes... you've got a roach problem, not the boxes.

    Not that I said that to her. She was nuts anyways.
  20. Was out at KFC the other night for a super 'quick'n'dirty' dinner. Served by a female who mentioned there'd be a delay of around 4min for the chips. Okay, no probs...I'll start on the burger and Pepsi I thought, and collect the remaining item when they're ready/brought over.
    Well, more than 4min pass and I'm on my feet toward the service counter to enquire on my order to find...erm..nobody in sight ! I called out for attention, nothing. It was only as I turned around in disgust did I see the same girl who served me outside (!!!) sweeping crap off the store's footpath !
    The world is definitely getting dumber....