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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by yeverei, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. well to put it bluntly, i've been off my bike for about a month, before then i could do everything all the other guys could do. but i decided to go for a ride with them to the g.p and i was shattered at how low my confidence was, i was over braking. and then all my bf friends were picking on me cos i was a girl and it completely wrecked my confidence i didn't even wanna ride home, where before i was keeping up with most of them. so i ended up dropping my bike off at a mates place nad pillioned it home from there. when i ended up getting my bike back i went for a quick ride, and everything felt perfect like nothing was wrong. i don't know if it was because i was by myself or what.

  2. Mate we all have wobbly days so dont stress but it sounds like you ride with some strange "mates". The type of which will have you riding outside your skill level and all the tears that come with that if you let them.

    There are a few of us not far from you so if you want a gentle ride with a mentor just sing out.
  3. my boyfriend got new riding mates :p they don't care too much for girls that ride,
  4. Sounds like you need to get some new riding mates too.
  5. lol maybe :p its just they're so annoying i mean one ran into a stopped motor bike the other day and busted their radiator and farrings and they picking on me cos i was a little touchy on the brakes. i don't get it
  6. They're just all pissed that their own girls don't like to ride too.
  7. haha thanks :p i'll probably just ride by myself i think :p
  8. lol i meant ride by myself for awhile
  9. Glad you mean only for a while yeverei. I will admit there are times when riding on my own is a great joy. But riding in groups is a great social occasion knowing that you all share a common passion.

    Look around on Netrider for some others to go riding with when you are feeling more confident. 2wheelsagain has made an offer to do some mentoring and there are others down your way so take advantage of their help. Have fun. :grin:
  10. i know its great only been on here since tonight and already feel welcome. its a good feeling
  11. They sound like a bunch of tossers. Ignore them and know that you can ride.

    As for group rides, I recommend them. Last week end, the local riders put on a learners/P plater ride, which went through basics, gave tips etc etc.

    Finding like minded riders will help your confidence.

    Oh, welcome to Netrider :wink:
  12. +1
  13. Yep nothing like being expected to ride above your skill level to crush you're confidence. Add to that the fact that they are mean and were picking on you and I'm not surprised you felt crappy about it.

    Just like you've found, when you got on the bike by yourself you felt fine. So where's the problem? ... not with your learning curve, just with your 'mates'' expectations.

    Keep at it, sound like your approach to riding is very good - YOU know at what level you are currently at, don't let any fcuker make you feel like crap for it :wink:

    And yes, NR group rides would make you feel better - just pick one at your skill level, whatever that is :grin:
  14. thanks for the good wishes :) you have no idea how much better i feel, just letting it off my chest on here, its good
  15. Tell your boyfriends mate to "piss off". If they have to look better by making you feel worse then invite them along and a few of us will go riding with you....we'll re-establish the pecking order for you.
    I HATE this kind of crap..grrr

    If your boyfriends got a problem with that, then he's not worth having around either!

    It's already been said, but what YOU need to do is ride within your own limits and ride your own ride...bugger anyone else....and if you'd like some help, there is plenty of riders here that are more than happy to assist.

  16. Your boyfriend's "mates" seem to have a problem with their sexuality if they can't accept a woman on a bike. Sounds like they'd treat any female like trash.

    Little d1ck big ego syndrome.
  17. yep good mates/riding buddies will wait and are happy too, sometimes you ride with fast people that wait for you other times, you will find you will have to wait.

    and yep +1 to raven's comments
  18. Plus one to the comments about ditching these drongos (half of whom will no doubt crash their bikes in this summer), and finding the right crowd, not only for your pleasure but for your safety.

    The sports thing - ie I can go faster - is big in the riding community, whether explicitly in this example, or implicitly (where it is much more common and insidious). If a person doesn't want to play into that then they have to grow a thick skin; learn to recognise and block that non-sense out and ride your own ride.
  19. thanks, my boyfriend is pretty good about it, he tells me just to ignore them, but sometimes i find it hard too.
  20. i never understood group riding. i have no friends on the bike, i prefer to ride alone.

    i usually stop to chat to other riders when i park near them though