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Confidence Clash

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ucanttme, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, Tomorrow i finally get my new bike!, to fill you in on the 31st of October, no more then 2 hours after my final HSC exam (yes im 17) i had a accident. To this day i dont remember much about it, i know i lowsided in a right hander came down hard and hit my head HARD, (hence the memory blank, dunno what caused me to take a handful of front brake) long story short woke up in hospital with a written off bike to be informed bout hours later. As i mentioned i get my new bike tomorrow and i gotta say, my confidence is at an all time low. Im getting back on a new Hyosung GT250R ( i know alot of people bag em and say they arent 'real' bikes, but hell, it has two wheels and goes forward....pretty real to me) so i wont exactly be hitting break your neck speeds and lifting the front wheel anything like that, but i think its the unknowing of what happened in my first crash, or just the stigma of "it could (and will) happen again, anytime time anyplace" Just wondering how i should help my confidence factor, the scars from gravel rash where my jacket came up are a reminder of what happens when things go wrong, so the fear of it slighting daunting ( lol and keeping me awake at this hour) any advice????
    Thanks everyone, Magpie.

  2. Recall all the good rides you’ve had, focus on the fun rides and good times you had on your previous bike, surely they outweigh the bad ones, all you have to do with your new bike is emulate the previous good times, it’s the same as women dude, this is the reason we go back for more, to experience the good, even though the bad also lurks there.
  3. lol i like the bike/woman comparison...why do we go back for more?
  4. Best to take it easy again, even write a note on the tank "dont grab front brake" realy though, the only way is to sadle back up again, oh, and if peeps give you shite about your choice in bike, tell em TGF.
  5. Take it easy and i would suggest book yourself in for some rider training, you'll learn a lot but you'll also get your confidence back if you can trust the bike and yourself.
  6. Beautifully put.

    HEy, Im in hornsby too. As of this afternoon I'm off work until the 15th of Jan. If you wanted to go for a little ride together, I could keep an eye you. Nothing too exciting, just round the 'burbs, we could do that.

    PM me your number if you're interested, we'll see what we can organise...
  7. I have been riding for nearly 30 years.After an off a few weeks ago and not having an off for 25 years since my younger days my advise is put a message in your head ride smooth,and every time you find yourself not riding smooth reduce your speed by 10ks until your riding smooth again.And each and every time you go out use the same message ride smooth :grin:
  8. A bit of rider training sounds good IMO. Having a professional instructor telling you you're doing well is always a confidence boost.
  9. +1

    Get out and do some more advanced training. Push it a little in a controlled environment, that way you will have a lot more leighway between where you are riding and your limit. and you will have some feedback to help you improve and this should help your confidence.

    BTW Big Cudos on getting back on even though you are still working it out. It takes balls mate, and that is the first step. Now you need to just work on abilities and knowledge.
  10. I have been dealing with the self same problem myself. I got my new 07 R6 last week and have been running it in (read: riding VERY carefully and yes trying to be smooooth). I crashed my '05 in November. In the month in between i have bought and read a few books (Reg Pridmore's "Smooth Riding" and a couple of Keith Code's books (Twist of the Wrist and Soft Science of Road Racing Motorcycles) to get my head around what went wrong and how to avoid doing it again. It's helped get my confidence back up but I am still riding extremely carefully, which you should do too - keep a safety buffer between your actions and your ability to cope with their possible consequences!!

    And as an added incentive - there are tons of cops around Sydney this next couple of weeks, as evidenced by my ride to the Royal National Park today where I must have been through about 3 speed traps and an RBT to boot!
  11. I cant say I exactly understand where you are coming from. The only "off" (knock wood) I have had so far was when I was being doubled when I was 16 and it wasnt all that bad.

    I had some guy in a lexus overtake me on the inside when I was about to make a turn. This was on Xmas day! If I had turned in a fraction earlier there would have been contact. This makes me think back- always do a head check...I was in Shorts and a Shirt getting smokes so even at 40 kph I would have had some decent gravel rash and bruises!

    However, I have friends who have had some decent off's.

    One with a gixer T boned a car in traffic (was waved that the coast was clear by another motorist according to the report) and he was a bit nervous on his first ride back on a bike.

    One came off at eastern creek on his 900RR, low slide at 150 kph. I dont think he grabbed the brake, just pushing too hard. He doesnt ride as much but I think this is more of his mrs then him. He wont admit it!

    Another one low sided at EC on his zx7r (?). Fixed the bike and bought a 996 duke. Pretty much straight back on and back at the track. This is the only guy I trust to be a passenger without a helmet , T Shirt and shorts, no shoes (pretty stupid anyway!!)

    Another mate has come off several times, mainly on trail bikes. Last off was doing wheelie on Xmas day, time before that same thing but broken foot. Still rides like an idiot. Back on the bike on Boxing day popping it up on another mates bike...

    Everyone is different and its natural to have fear. The guys that jump straight back on after breaking bones etc without any fear are usually crazy. That or just dim witted, see red and just go for it.

    Dont forget your basic learners course. Its easier to evade a potential disaster then it is to react to one. Thats of course if you can help it.
  12. bah!!!!

    Just give up crashing. I have, it hurts too much when you do.

    All the best
  13. I'm going through the same thing since an off recently.. (Only been riding 6 months or so). Its almost like starting over again.. and thankfully you came out of it unscaved and lucky enough to have the opportunity to work on the faults and improve your riding skills to avoid it happening again.

    I've received lots and lots of advice, the best advice was to talk to people.. Everyone and anyone, There are some riders on here who really know their stuff! Practice, Practice, Practice and ofcourse, Practice! For the rest of your riding life!

    Also, I can relate to losing the confidence. With some tops advice.. (Thanks champ, you know who you are) and the right attitude.. (taking baby steps, dont rush things and become comfortable the fact its going to be a long term challenge, not a quick recovery..) everything will begin to fall into place again. Be accepting of the fact you really have to scrap the plate and start all over again, because let's face it, somewhere you and I buggered up, stacked :wink: and now we have to do our best to learn and avoid from happening again in the future.

    1. Relax
    2. Practice
    3. Relax
    4. Listen
    and ofcourse.. Learn :)
  14. Wow Jen, wise words. You've done well to take in all of that.

    it's been 3 months since my low side, I'm still working on my right handers again. before my oopsi I had no problems leaning left or right. now I'm always conscious of where my bike is when leaning right.

    What others have said is so true. you just have to take it easy and get back into the ryhtm of it all. it might take a month it might take 2 years. you just cant rush it.
  15. how does that work i'm sort of the same but havent had a off yet
    i have no problems scraping the bitument thru lefties but come right handers i have always struggles a bit and have 2 back off...

    anyway ucanttme all the best with ur new bike dont let people get u down on the bike u have choosen we all have our reasons for what we choose and urs is very understandle u gotta get ur legs back for u run, just remember 2 take it easy and if uncertain ride according 2 push it when u heads not in the game or it will own u