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Confidence boost

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Whitey, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Having just got my L's & a bike last week I was keen to get out over the long weekend with less cars on the local roads. Planned on going out this morning while the roads were quiet when the wife decided she wanted to come as well. Loaded the kids into the car and followed me around for about 1 hour acting as a great buffer behind me. Managed to get comfortable at freeway speeds knowing I didn't have a car flying up behind me.

    In the afternoon decided to go out again up to Belgrave to ride around some fairly gentle corners. Wife followed again but when we got up there it looked like it was going to rain. Started to head back home and straight away down came the rain. It wasn't too heavy but enough to dampen the roads. Just took it easy and slowed down a bit more on the corners and roundabouts. There weren't a lot of places for overtaking and my wife stayed back a fair distance so to the cars following, it was her in the car going slow not me. Took a lot of pressure off me as I have only been riding for a week (about 200k's) and was not planning on riding in the rain or wet roads quite so soon.

    I guess what I am saying is to those starting out like me, if you can get a car to follow you it can really help with the confidence on the road. Wet roads weren't as nerve racking as I was expecting. Actually glad it rained while I was out with a follower.

    Wife's suggestion. This is now how we will have our "family day out". I take the bike. Wife takes the car and boys. Meet up at the park, Macca's for coffee, wherever.

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying the bike.
    I wish my wife was as understanding as yours, mine's still giving me heaps about wanting to get a bike.
    She's going to flip when I finally get it but hey life's boring without a good blu every now and then.
  3. Yeah I plan on getting my boyfriend to follow me around in the car when I first start riding I think :)
  4. Welcome and well done. It's good to get a wet ride in early, as it reduces your apprehension in riding in the wet.
  5. I agree. Having someone follow you is a great confidence boost. For the first trip or two you can't beat having someone behind you warding off tailgaters. Also if you come off you can trust that instead of running over you, they'll be able to cart you off to the hospital :)

    I had my brothr follow me for my first ride which was to get my blue slip. Makes a big difference knowing no one is going to hassle you on the road.
  6. i think you got a case of "my mrs dosnt trust me" syndrome, thats why she follows :grin: :grin:
  7. I can't agree more with you there Whitey.

    One of the best confidence boosters was having my brother riding his bike along beside me. That way, I have another experienced rider who afterwards can give me tips, and if I have an off I know there's somebody nearby who knows what to do (we were both in St. Johns for a short while).

    And yes, your wife SO does not trust you on a bike! XD But at least it means that when you go for a family outing, you still get to ride! =D
  8. Good effort Whitey, good to get out there in the rain.

    The day I got my L plates (literally like 5 hours after I got them) I went for a ride with a fellow rider up Jamberoo Mtn road to Robbo Pie Shop, about half way up the mountain, it started pissing down... I ended up having to go down Macquarie Pass, in the pissing down rain, with oil and muck all over the road from the road works with approximately 100k's under my belt lol... Not the ideal first ride, but geez im glad I did it.
  9. My wife does trust me on a bike, (At least to my knowledge I hope) but I do get the " you want to spend more time with the bike than your family" comments frequently. This is not a topic I want to discuss with the wife, not sure on the outcome. Hmmm... bike, family, bike, family, lets not go there.
    As much as it's only a VTR250, I'm sure it could still get away from the wife in the car.

  10. Congrats on the Ls.

    Yup, having a tail does take stress off (thanks Jeffatav for limitless patience when I was learning :LOL: )

    When I see an L plate rider being tailgated by a cager I always do my best to slip in the gap and 'suggest' the car driver move back :wink:
  11. good on you, that is the most daunting thing I've dealt with yet (okay maybe lane splitting in Punt Rd traffic). It's almost a case of do you just ignore your mirrors for a little while to get them off your mind, and focus on the lane ahead or take the next stop?
  12. well done Al '' good to see you got the bike and your on the road..

    my advice '' just keep riding '' and it all comes in time .

    oh and keep in the right or left of the lane ( not in the middle with the oil and road s;;t )

    and don't ride at the side of cars... they never look over there shoulder

    take care . Adrian
  13. I'd suggest getting a friendly mentor to ride with you instead, they can help provide a buffer and they can also give you some tips and help you get rid of any nasty habits before they become hard to break.