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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by carri27, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. we're leaving the house in half an hour to head to the warmer climes of south-western NSW where we'll be joining 3-4000 hippies in a few days of camping, workshoping, fire-twirling, swimming, luvin', tree-huggin' and mass nudity. any NRs similarly inclined feel free to come along. map can be found on www.dte.org.au. it's somewhere between swan hill and moulamein (sp?).

    we'll stick a notice on the notice board, signed off by Ken & Carri, so you can drop in, say gday & have a gasbag about planned riding adventures for 2007.

    lotsaluv for a fab new year everyone, c&k xx

  2. im thinking about heading down on friday or saturday for the day, anyone want to join me?

    (no i wont be topless)
  3. Don't be the odd one out Es. :grin:
  4. its too cold to skydance ;)
  5. Free lovin?

    I'll wear bright coloured dye shirts for free lovin :D
  6. $70 and you have to supply your own nudity?

  7. No drugs, cigarettes or booze?

    That'll be a mighty boring hippy fest :\
  8. Judging by the pics, some of those people are strangely fond of mud. :shock:
  9. Question...

    Where can you buy fire twirling stick thingos...in Melb?
  10. I got mine from Concentrate Fire Equipment. :) Very nice gear they make. :grin:

    Edit: If like me, you don't do credit cards then just give them a call and organise to pick up and pay in person. They've always been happy to do it for me.
  11. PM Flashfire - she may know.
  12. wrong !

    I reckon my mate who works in marketing with a de-odorant company can think of a good sales pitch looking at those pics !
  13. Neil! Neil!!!! What is this Neil? Its a hippie, isnt it?
  14. I'd ask one of the Buskers on the corner of Brunswick and Kerr Sts Fitzroy on a Satyrday night.
  15. I went along to one in 1996ish and it was drizzling rain. We walked for what seemed like miles and with the river the dangling lights the drums beating, it felt like we had gone ten klicks beyond the Tho Long Bridge.
    There were naked mud women everywhere, but you couldn't see all that much in the dark. It was slippery as hell and not wanting to damage the precious cargo we ventured on valiantly.
    We were on a mission to bring beer supplies to Eazy D.
    We wondered how the hey would we find him and his harem amongst 5000 hippies. We were about to give up when suddenly he popped out of nowhere at the Democratic one way pontoon bridge. He was grateful for the beer as he'd dropped his last tab of ....
    Managed to squeeze a tasty falafel in.
    Mission accomplished; we were out of there. :cool:
  16. Hippies? There not hippies, real hippies couldn’t afford the $70 door charge.
    Confest? that looks like a gathering of corporate Australia to me.
  17. Hey DuHast, who more than the corporate folk need to get grounded and in touch with their souls??