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Confessions of an infrequent home mechanic

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. There was a time, many years ago, when I did all my own mechanical work, on both my cars (right up to complete engine rebuilds) and on several of the bikes (250-350cc upgrade on the Yamaha 250, including expansion chambers and fibreglass cafe kit, and rear-sets), etc etc.

    But I've got older and lazier in my advancing years, (and I've had a steadier income to be able to be that way) so mostly I pay someone else to get grease under their fingernails.

    Today, however, with my energy levels revitalised by the holidays, and my confidence in the bike restored by the recent carburettor transplant, I decided to tackle a couple of long-standing little tasks, both involving the instrument panel.

    1. One dud panel light in the right side of the tacho. This has been gone for a while and the left one has been providing enough light, but being a bit of a Sheldon, KNOWING it's not right meant it HAD to be fixed.

    Removed all the panels, etc, pulled out the old globe and replaced it (yes, I do have a couple of spares in the bottom drawer for just such an occasion.

    2. Several years ago, after an accident with necessitated the replacement of the rear casing of the instrument panel, I noticed that the '10s' drum on the odometer was one 'click' higher in its window than its neighbours, and the '1's drum was one click lower, if you get my drift. I rode with this like this for a couple of years but it always annoyed me. I tried to fix it twice but the complexity of stuff in the bowels of the speedo defeated me both times and I resigned myself to the annoying lack of uniformity. However today I thought I'd try again.

    I removed the speedo from the housing and dropped the reset knob, complete with a tiny, tiny screw that holds the knob onto the end of the shaft. Being as of the garage has a concrete floor, and the bike is parked close to the door, I didn't hear it fall, just knew it had, and I expected the worst, and started looking in the grass just off the edge of the floor. Then I remembered what my old mechanics instructor said many years ago; "Look closest to the vehicle FIRST". I looked and found it nestling under the edge of the front tyre. Disaster #1 averted.

    I figured that the problem with the odometer was retaining tangs on the tumblers, and close examination revealed this to be the case. But getting at them meant I had to remove the speedo needle and the face of the speedo. When I did I found I was able to 'convince' them back into the place from which they'd moved, and the tumblers on the odometer finally lined up.

    Then, in the process of re-fitting the speedo needle, I dropped it on the floor, again near the door, AND IT BROKE THE NEEDLE IN HALF!!! Again I couldn't believe I had been that careless after having been so careful. Again I started looking in the grass for the broken tip, and then again I looked closer to the bike, and there it was, behind where I had dropped it.

    Some super-glue and a tiny plastic 'splint' later, the needle was 'fixed' and I was able to put it all back together, congratulating myself on the fact that I had perpetrated two possibly insurmountable disasters and been able to fix them both. \\:D/
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    Good job getting those little frustrations fixed Hornet! It's satisfying when they've been niggling for a long time. I always find with similar things I get there in the end, but generally not by the easiest, most direct route.
  3. Those dash lights can be fiddly (especially if a fairing is to be removed) to replace.
    The things we do whilst on A/L.
    Good to hear the carbies are sorted......just in time for phasing out of 91 RON ULP eh!