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Confessions of a 2 wheeled hoon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Okay, I finally admit it. I am a hoon. On two wheels. No apologies. Sorry. I just can't help myself. Thats just the way it is.
    However I have found an outlet. Dirt. Gravel. Bush. And a nice big grunty dirt bike. Registered of course. Got to try & keep within the law.
    For me, this comes in the form of a KTM 625 SXC. Here's a pickie of mine.
    http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c172/Roarin/Dirt Squirting/Theorangecrusher.jpg
    This thing rocks :LOL: Its the most fun I've had on a bike that I can remember. I know I know. It only makes about 58hp. But stick that in something that weighs about 120 odd kilos & try & feed it through a skinny knobbly tire on loose gravel. Teaches you respect in about 5 seconds flat :LOL: She wants to leap sideways even at 100km/hr if you get too heavy handed. :LOL: :LOL: And you had better hang on when bouncing up a hill in 2nd gear with a few tight corners thrown in for good measure. Like this one http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c172/Roarin/Dirt Squirting/Dirthill.jpg
    Doesn't look real steep in a photo but in real life it is. Honest. I can take you there & show you if you don't believe me.
    Now what was I saying? Oy yeah, she wants to jump right out from under you given half a chance. Tries to make you look like superman flapping in the breeze But by crikey its fun. Real good eyewatering butt clenching fun.
    I think I did about 300kms out around the back of Anglesea & Lorne today. And guess how many cops I saw? None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Take your pick. You can actually relax & enjoy the ride. Even whilst ripping down a gravel or dirt track at about 140 (or quite a bit quicker if you feel the need :LOL: ). Doing some nice long feet up power slides at 100 kays. Or powering up the road on the back wheel for as far as you like. I mean, how many officers would you expect to come across here? http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c172/Roarin/Dirt Squirting/Alcoaopencut.jpg Or here? http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c172/Roarin/Dirt Squirting/Kilometersoffun.jpg
    But there's no big speeds involved I hear you say. Let me tell you a little secret. 140km/hr on a chook chaser bouncing down a gravel track is every bit as exciting as doing 250 tucked in behind a fairing on a nice smooth straight road. Cause I've actually done both. On quite a few occasions. All under controlled conditions mind you :wink: Closed course & all that :LOL:
    But the main thing for me is its fun. Get down & dirty physically challenging fun. Starting to sound like a stuck record aren't I? (records, by the way, for the younger generation are those black discs with a groove around them that preceeded CD's)
    Probably not for everyone but for those that get their jollys riding really powerfull street bikes I reckon you might like it. To me its way more exciting cause the bike really moves around. Drifts & slides & steps out miles sideways & wants to fling you off at every opportunity. Try it. Just don't ask to have a go on my bike. Cause you won't find me at home :grin: Too many tracks to explore down through the Otways. Thats my excuse & I'm sticking to it. Cheers Andrew

  2. I thought your post was really good until I read your sig at the bottom... Now you just seem like a toss redneck.
    I reckon a semi might think the same of you one day!
  3. Dude -are you familiar with the phrase "sense of humour"?
  4. Absolutely, but thats not funny. . . . . Just stupid.
    Where is the humor in puposefully running over an animal, thats more than likely someone's pet? . . . . And if you didn't do it, its very concerning that you think its funny to make a joke of it.
  5. I think the 'joke' was... as you might have missed it... that it didn't really happen...
  6. And sorry to Roarin for this guy hijacking your thread...

    But when i get my Honda 250 dirt bike fixed (and registered) i'll have to join you on those roads... looks great out there..
  7. So why make a joke out of it?

    There's enough sicko's out there bashing kittens, cutting their tendons, setting fire to them.
    Sorry I just find it stupid that people see the funny side of making jokes of it?
  8. Not bad for a 9yr old dude! :)

    That looks heaps fun.......i really wanna do that one day....lucky kid!
  9. So that's what Rednecks are ridin now....... not bad for a chook chaser..... Oh! shit .. can I say "chook chaser"...........eatin the little buggers is OK....

    chasing bad.. :cool:
  10. I have to agree, cats are pretty stupid.. they stay right in the middle so I can't safely dodge them :?

    as for dirt biking.. definitely on my "things to do" list :grin:
  11. If anmyo0ne is keen one of my m,ates selling one of these (98? model) for someshere in the 3-4 region to buy a roadbike...
  12. This kind of riding has more dangers & requires better riding skills?
    or is it maybe a different type of skill?
  13. Well done Roarin..

    You get to hoon, AND keep yer license, AND stop Mr Gumn't from getting your donations, AND let Mr Plod do more important things with his time.

    All round win really (except for the Gumn't but they can go root themselves)

    Lidonnit.... IMHO you should do just that... go put a liddonit. You're being just a bit too sensitive, if you feel that strongly about cats, PM the guy and politely make your feeling felt, no need to berate him in an open forum.
    Ever thought what the native animals think about getting ripped apart by a cat? They might just think the twit who introduced them to this country was pretty sick. (and foxes, and rabbits, and cane toads, and dogs for that matter, but at least they're useful)

    (Note: I do not condone cruelty to animals in any form. I hate cats, but would never think of subjecting them to cruelty, but I wouldn't mind seeing them all put to a painless death.)
  14. Any time booga. The sooner the better I say :grin: And you're right. The tracks around there are great. There would have to be hundreds & hundreds of km's waiting to be ripped up :LOL: :LOL: And you're never too far from the coast to nip in & grab some fuel. Or a counter lunch. And a beer. Or three :grin: Damn this bike riding caper. Its too much fun :LOL:
  15. P.S liddonit. I do admire your logic & compassion. Wishing someone to get run down by a truck for having a little bit of a joke says volumes about the type of person you must be. Cheers Andrew
  16. If you want really good dirt bike riding, go up around walhalla or even around maryborough.

    Sorry bout' the cat comment. Understand most people hate em' thats why I love em'.

    And as for seeing em' all put to a painless death.... well I reckon there are a helluva lot of people that should suffer the same fate!

    Sorry for hijacking the post!
    How far is the anglesea from Melb and would my 05' rm250 handle the tracks out there ok?
  17. Hahaha wic-ked!

    I'm gagging for some dirt action. Any suggestions? Do they cost much to hire?
  18. Nah man, not wishing anyone to get hit by a truck... not at all.
    Was just using it as a comparison for what it would be like for the cat.

    Anywho, I apologised for hijacking the post and what not so no hard feelings man.

  19. From my own experience of days past, you need to be a fair bit stronger...the phrase "hanging on" has a whole different meaning, when charging around on one of these things. Especially these days!. You are right in thinking that it is a different kind of skill, but the skills of dirt bike riding can often help with road riding ability - unfortunately not too much the other way around.
    A lot of the top rooad racers, spend time charging around on dirt bikes.

    It's not inherently more dangerous off road, since almost everything else is stationary. (unless you're in a race), but they tend to be closer to you, so if you do goof it up, there is often not a lot of room for error.

    Good riding with ya today, Kishy.
  20. Andrew, you have a lyrical way with our wonderful language, and you are one of a handful of people on this forum who can both make a person feel he is there with you, and contemplate robbing a bank so he CAN be there with you.

    Thanks for the ride :LOL: