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Confessional Booth

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kraven, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. What are some things that you do on the bike that you know is wrong and probably slightly dangerous but you just can't stop yourself from doing.

    -I speed a lot and i mean A LOT, i'm always riding 10-20+kph over the limit except in school zones and when kids or cops are around.
    -Zipping in and out of traffic all the time and lanesplitting whenever i can see an opening that i will fit through.
    -Wearing shoes instead of boots around town :(
    -Sitting way too close to cars sometimes, expecially when they are in the right lane and going slow. :oops:
  2. It's a shame it will take until you have an accident before you stop it.
  3. Thats why i hate it, Everytime i go out now i'm just telling myself to relax a bit and to take my time in traffic and gradually i'm slowing down and becoming safer.
    It's just taking a while :oops:
  4. Kraven, the speeding doesn't worry me if the time and place is chosen well. Other things like riding too close to other cars is a worry and I feel the need (in all seriousness) to say "Don't do it." If you know you're too close, give yourself more space. A cage driver can fcuk up quicker than you can blink. They're risking minor panel damage. You're risking your life.

    As a friend I am saying, don't take stupid risks. You have more to loose than a couple of minutes on the trip. :)
  5. Dont listen to him, that's complete BS :roll: When discretion and skill are combined you can ride fast, split everwhere and still not have accidents. Some people do actually ride like that for years safely. Me as just one example. :wink:
  6. haha i like zedexaar's picture! now that's something different.

    now back to the topic.......i ride, that's dangerous enough!

    what i can't understand people doing is flying around a blind corner......i think from what i've read here that alot of people do it? now that i can't understand, so risky.
  7. And Kraven has had his L plates now for 9 months. Discretion and skill are fine, but good discretion and high skill levels come with more experience than that. Don't get me wrong, Kraven knows how to ride. However, if by his own admissions, he knows he's riding beyond his means I can't see why anyone would encourage that.

    Some of us learnt these lessons by feeling the soft caress of a cage at a more than comfortable impact speed. Better I think that Kraven learns from our stacks, rather than his own. :wink:
  8. The only BS is encouraging a learner to speed, split everywhere, etc. :roll:
  9. In another thread...
    I've found Kishy! :applause: :applause: :applause: :roses: :roses: :roses: :applause: :applause: :applause: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

    Ya spellin givs ya away m8. :wink:
  10. close but no cigar for u seany :?
  11. I'll stand by it until told otherwise. :)
  12. I dont really have the confidence to speed that much yet. In the car I am always doing a good 5-20K over but on the bike smack on the speed limit.
  13. i squid to the local shops (no further though) it's less than 500 odd meters.

    ohh and i spend my entire life at bikesales/trading post/bikepoint looking at bikes i can't afford and shouldn't be dreaming about, that to is a bad habbit :)

    overall though i'd say i'm a fairly sedate rider, always gear up, leave space, only split when traffic is stopped or <20km/h, ride very defensive though i do 10-20km/h over the limit in appropriate (no cop) areas, but when you live next to a school with a 24hr. 40km/h zone how could you not :evil:
  14. Kishy is back it seems.
  15. Regardless of who it is, they might need to check their spelling of 'canon'. I think the one they are looking for is cannon, as opposed to the musical arrangement. :p

    I speed sometimes, usually as a safety measure of sorts. If 10km/h over keeps me clear of traffic, then I will do it, when otherwise safe.

    But generally, IMO, I obey more of the road rules than your average road-user. :p
  16. well speeding is something I won't lie about, I do have a tendency to drop the wrist every now and then,
    lane splitting, I'm guilty as charged.
    wearing runners on the bike........ never...
    sitting too close to cars.....nope..... I like to know whats on the road in front of me, it gives me time to avoid that big pot hole, road kill or hunk of timber/metal fallen off the back of a truck.
  17. Yesterday, I was riding up to the Colo River and got as far as Windsor. I pulled over and took my jacket off, and rode the rest of the way squid. I have to admit, I really enjoyed riding squid, but in the back of my mind was always the nagging little voice saying if something should happen I'm history. Now I find myself caught between riding squid and riding safe. It's a dilemna I hope the cooler weather will sort out befoer it becomes too much of a habit.....

  18. thanks for your honesty Kraven - a very brave thread. i also do things i know i shouldn't and struggle not to. similar stuff around speeding and zipping in and out of traffic when i know i shouldn't and that i know is dangerous for my skill level (or lack thereof). i do always wear boots and think i keep a reasonable distance from cars mostly but not always. loved going round the track at superbikes squidding without even a helmet - finally got the bug and wore jeans to coffee last week for the first time (just a short trip - hawthorn to southbank) though not planning to do so regularly.

    i understand you when you say it's hard to slow down and relax. i'm always trying to force myself but i have two buttons - go and stop - and 'go slow' is a real discipline for me, in life as well as riding :grin:
  19. Dont worry about it until you crash
  20. If this was just a bait comment then I'll take it.
    That kind of comment and bravado really only comes from people that speak before their first big accident?

    I'm not afraid to ride fast, and often do so, accepting that it is at higher risk...but I don't outwardly promote it as being an activity that is "safe".