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confess your motorbike sins here

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jeffatav, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. I want to fess up to some bike related sins.

    1. I did not post a "hello, this is me" thread when I first started on netrider and I wish to be spared the (g)mods wrath..............please forgive me

    2. I squid in my local area and sometimes down to singlet, boardshorts and thongs (a bit cold in winter,but hey) and I know how the ATGATT party will berate me for such a sin, but I do figure that after all it is my skin. I do gear up for commuting and touring......................please forgive me.

    3. I have broken the speed limit from time to time................please forgive me :LOL:

    Confess now to cleanse your soul

  2. I'm saying nothing. If I got caught everytime I did something illegal, I would still have 10 years left to serve.
  3. our jeff, thou art in the northen beaches, please forgive us our sins...

    1. I've squidded in my local area once or twice

    2. I'm under the speed limit most times... while accelerating from standstill :p

    3. I crashed my girlfriend's bike the day on the way back from the dealership

    4. I've had a few posts removed for not following the netrider commandments/

    5. I nodded to a scooter rider :oops:

    please forgive me, especially for number 5...
  4. I've commited adultery with another mans bike [-o<
  5. I have nothing to add but I LOVE the idea for the topic, well done !! :cool:
  6. 1: I sometimes prefer to be with my bike than my wife :LOL:

    2: I've ridden without a jacket locally ( a few times ) :(

    3: I've dumped my Nissan XTrail, hardly ever using it, not lonf after I got a bike ( The X-trail WAS my pride and joy ) .. now sits there looking unloved :cry:

    4: I make the lamest excuses to my wife, just to get a ride in, no matter how small. ( The worst was riding to my Mother-in-Law's not long after my wife left to visit her .. with the excuse >> " It's lonely at home without you so I thought I'd ride up to be with you " :roll:

    5: I've taken photos of my wife naked, sitting on the bike, but thinking how damn sexy the Hornet looked :LOL:

    6: I almost did NOT become a NR member :shock: :shock:

    For all these sins, I am sorry
    ( well perhaps not for No.'s 1,4 & 5
  7. i dont believe in the NR overlords, therefor i feel no need to confess thy sins :wink:
  8. I dropped my bike at a servo in front of everyone. It was embarrassing.
  9. Got to be the "Thread Of The Month", Jeff, :rofl:.

    1. I confess I have often (sniff) ridden the bike into the garage and not cleaned it straight away after a long ride.

    2. I confess that I might have a Netrider addiction :LOL:.
  10. Hilarious! I forgive you at least!! :rofl: :LOL:

    1. I've not answered a call, just so I could instead go and ride over to them "to talk to them in person". It was a 2 hour ride there...

    2. I'm still deciding whether or not to become an NR member... But when I get some monies... :)

    3. I didn't ride with proper boots until last Saturday when I bought some.

    4. I didn't turn up to work once because I was riding there, but then decided when I was 2 mins from work that a ride would be better... I called them up 3 hours later faking a sicky!!!!

    5. I have a crush on a guy who rides a motorbike... Shame on me!!! My bike is terribly jealous :(

    6. I've twice ridden in a skirt, stockings and heels...

    Please forgive me!!!!!

    Ihaveduff your number 3... Really? Awesome!!! :rofl:
  11. ... Ditto :oops:
  12. I'll forgive you for this one if you post up a pic of this indescretion :twisted: :cool:
  13. I confess that I thought that too :rofl:.
  14. our jeff who art in the northern beaches, forgive me my sins....

    1. for screaming like a little girl when my rear wheel broke traction on the double yellows.

    2. for coveting VCM's (whom I've never met or spoken to) Hornet.
  15. I confess that I am pleased that some of these confessions make me happy as I am not alone hehe
    though VCM
    although I can relate with your number 3 as the landcruiser and I very rarely meet in driving position much anymore

    but your number 5 I can't say the same :shock: as my husband sitting on my bike naked just wont have the same appeal I suspect :p
    and for me naked on his bike??
    well thats just too scary an image for any poor mans mind :oops:

    ummm I rode from the house down to the shed yesterday past the removals truck without my helmet, jacket and gloves as my new modified seat had arrived woooohooooo

    I have been known to give the finger at offensive cage drivers

    and I have also been known to get cranky at Phil for riding so bloody slow :evil:

  16. Why don't you take a seat...

  17. No no. It looked quite terrible actually :)
  18. forgive me father for I have sined

    1. I have sped a few times

    2. I have stunted on the open streets

    3. I sumtimes squid it and quite often wear shorts or thongs

    4. I sumtimes change lanes without indicating

    5. I lane split at high speed

    6. Ive ran from cops a few times in relation to 1 and 2

    7. Ive started arguments on netrider when I shouldnt have

    8. Ive not followed the rules of Netrider, and had posts removed

    9. Ive farted often when im on my bike

    10. Ive given girls a toot if their good looking

    11. I secretly think about Vic sometimes

    :p :p
  19. I'm sorry, fastkid, but you've committed the unforgivable sin :rofl:.
  20. 1. Squidding, sometimes just wearing a helmet and shorts.. never far though
    2. Coveting another man's motorcycle (675 and zx6r)
    3. Spending large amounts of money on unnecessary mods
    4. I don't thrash my bikes as much as they deserve
    5. I once considered getting a scooter for commuting