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Confederation Flag

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kyro_02, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. I just have a curious mind at the moment :)

    Can anyone tell me what bikie club this is, in australia

    Who are they, and are they bikie type people to keep away from in terms of if you act like a turd or flog your motor vehicle past them or whatever to annoy them . they'll give you a warning n next time they'll prob want to teach you a lesson (physically) lol?

    one of the bikies there walked to the shop across the road from them and a mari lookin guy had tats on his face etc and just looked like he was gonna snap if you look at him the wrong way !

    tthe house is a round the corner from me , they wear the above symbol on the back of their jackets with AUSTRALIA on the bottom .

  2. None that I'm aware of.

    Many bikers have that flag on their vests.
  3. Rebels MC
  4. so they're not all hardcore are they? or they the type if you look at 'em the wrong way they'll give you a greasy or try start somthing lol?
  5. Best not to go there kyro. Seriously.
  6. fine :( just wanted to know for future references cause you get your good and your bad right
  7. Why don’t you just mind your own business? This will most likely serve you in good stead the rest of your days.
    If you need some sort answers they won’t be answered here, why not send them an email, state your full name, DOB and current address, & invite them round for tea and scones.
  8. i guess you're telling me from your experience?

    by that reply i'm going to say that you don't like them for whatever personal beef you have with them? but doesn't mean they're generally bad?

    i'm sorry i'm not as informed as most of ya's . you can't learn much if you aren't taught, right ?

    anyway, i won't ask again i'll leave it as that.
  9. No, you've misunderstood him. You're allowed to know but you're asking a stupid follow up question. It's fair to ask about the flag, but to ask whether they're god or bad is entiely subjective. It's also not a smart line of discussion to have on a forum. A club is made of various people, all of whom are different so how han you decide that one MC is good and another is bad?

    What I think you actually want to know is are they a 1% club or are they a run of the mill patch club. The answer is yes they're a 1% club, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look at them. Like any other person you could meet in this world, if you're friendly and respectful to them, then you will get exactly that in return. :)
  10. I have no opinion and no experience with what you want to know, however you are searching to form one from 3rd hand information, bit silly don’t you think?
  11. ok, you get your good and your bad members in a club, i didn't actually mean the whole club is bad because a few people out of thousands are bad.

    but thank you for correcting me an your answer is what i was after
  12. I know of one person here who can talk from experience. Put it this way, the
    person didnt get the hint because they were told what would happen if it
    continued so I guess mustve thought they were invisible being behind a

    Let me just say, what was said would happen did happen, & the person was
    not seen on the site again.

    My parents taught me not to play with fire. Its dangerous. :wink:

  13. ok i'll not go into that anymore, i don't wanna be banned

    close the thread if it lets you sleep :)
  14. Who said anything about being banned? Gentleman are not seen because
    they no longer have bloody hands to type with. [​IMG]

    & you think I was saying they were Banned? :roll:

    Get with the program dood.

  15. two things crossed my mind, you either disable them in whatever physical way you do, and/or ban them

    (in reference to, not seen on this site again)

    hehe :)
  16. I've only ever met two 1%ers (though only one was still in a 1% club, the other retired to the Ulysses club)

    They were really nice blokes. Hard men, but like the previous poster said, treat them like anybody, with respect, and they'll show it back to you. They aren't the kind of people to job you without reason.
  17. :rofl:

    that is all
  18. http://home.earthlink.net/~rcvsmc-edu/id11.html

    Plenty of info if you read all the links down the left hand side of the page