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Cone weave question for NSW riders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by CraigF, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Been reading the forums madly for a few months now (and practicing when time allows!!). I have printed out the MOST test and been practicing U turns, emergency stops and started doing the cone weave today (with a mate from work learning also - hey Chopper - if you read this!!).

    Anyway, what I am not sure about is the offset distance. The MOST states the cones are 0.6m offset. Now does this mean the cones are 0.6m apart (being 0.3m off an imaginary centre line) or should it be 0.6m off this imaginary centre line?

    We had it spaced today at 0.3m off the centre line (for 0.6m apart) but I would like to make sure we are practising the right measurements.

    Gotta say at the distance we had today while not impossible was challenging for the first time!

    Seem to have the U turn down fairly well (more practice though) and emergency stops are pretty easy at 25km!! Would hate to do it at 60 or more.

    Anyway, if someone knows the distances off the imaginary centre line it would be much appreciated.

  2. gday mate
    its 4.0m spacing meaning 4.0m distance to each cone
    0.6m offset, so 0.3m to the left or right of the center line
  3. Goz ,was just doing a quick google search and I think it is 0.3m from centre line , offset meaning that if 1st 3rd and 5th cones where in a line, then 2nd 4th would be offset 0.6m from the imaginary line of 1st 3rd 5th cones.
  4. thats what i said :grin:
  5. where is timmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi Goz,

    Thanks for the information. I was hoping that was the case as this is the distance we practised today!!

  7. Good work practicing the cone weave, it was actually the hardest part of the test.

    I did not practice it at all prior to the test (which I did today). When I saw the cone spacing today I almost had a heart attack.

    I passed.....but barely, the cone weave/uturn was easily the difficult part of the test. The rest was a piece of cake.
    And although the guy went on about it all day, I STILL forgot a headcheck. When it came time to do the test I was quite nervous which made it suprisingly easy to forget basic skills :p
  8. Congrats, mate. I would love to go the test but I think I am still abit new to it all still. Maybe I would jag a pass but I prefer to go in knowing I can do the tests.

    I have a great practice location about 5 mins near home (where I work) and am going to mark out the different test in the car park.

    Currently I mark out the tests with little witches hats and drive around them which takes some time setting out each test. So hopefully I can mark it out and save some time.

    Would love to get the knowledge down and get the MOST out of the way though!!
  9. I was so nervous when i started the test that I rode onto the 'range' with one of my gloves undone, my helmet strap undone (first time i've ever forgotten that) and I put the bike into first without even pulling the clutch in and stalled the bike for the first time in a month or so.

    Luckily I did it all before the test started and the testing officer told me to get myself together before I started. I looked like a real dork.
  10. when i was doing my most the instructor just plonked them down there is no way they were 4m apart, but they also weren't 60cms apart either.. so it was a bit easier like that i guess.. just remember when you are doing it when you start go left not right because some dude on a scooter went right and it was a fail straight away because he did all the cones wrong, the guy was doing well too.

  11. was that for the actual testing bit or for the practice through the day?

    i cant see why he would "plonk" them anywhere for the test as there are markings on the tar where they should go
  12. get yourself a can of spray chalkline from Bunnings or wherever, whack it in you backpack and you are 'test arena will travel'....can put one down anywhere in five minutes and its not graffiti.....

    your cone weave:- revs, little bit of clutch to keep it spinning and ride the rear brake a bit......its not a race so get used to doing it slow.
    Also helps if you can lean the bike in a little while offsetting that with leaning the body out to counterbalance.
  13. was that for the actual testing bit or for the practice through the day?

    i cant see why he would "plonk" them anywhere for the test as there are markings on the tar where they should go[/quote]

    He plonked them down for the practice.. and then didnt move them again all day unless people ran over them. I think the hardest part about it was the nerves because its nerve wracking thats for sure. but 5 out of the original 6 passed.. the guy who failed was the guy who went the wrong way through the cones.
  14. Cheers all for the great advice.

    @Rogues, you must be a mind reader!! I have cones and tape measure in my bike bag with the MOST test printed out in there also. Next step was to get some paint and mark it out a bit. Carpark is where I work so I'm going to ask if it's okay to mark it out just to be nice.

    I can see how counter balance will help with this part of the test.

    Learning to slow ride is definitely a trick. Anyone can ride at speed.
  15. I practiced out at Homebush and my mates thought it was 0.6m offset from the centerline (centerline to cone = 0.6m). Making it an offset of 1.2m from cone to cone! I managed it most of the time, eventually... But still had some trouble.

    A couple of days later at my P's test, I found out my mates had it wrong and it's only 0.6m cone to cone offset! I tell you what - all that practice doing 1.2m offsets really made this test _piss_ easy!

    Oh and I did it on a GS500F, too.

  16. exactly, but we have now changed it to 0.6 instead of 1.2
  17. haha, i practiced all yesterday with the cones offset at 0.6m from center line, lots of cursing and swearing from inside my lid but i can do it at 1.2m offset now *shrug*
  18. dont worry about the cone weave, it is one of the easier parts of the test, and you cant really fail, even if you hit a cone or put your foot down, if you do hit a cone just dont put your foot down and keep going, if you put your foot down dont hit a cone, but honestly if you ride a 250 or less its a brease, maybe on a long wheel based chopper maybe not so easy :LOL: