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Cone Racing

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Red Dragon, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Check out this ahttp://www.fugly.com/videos/3930/incredible_motocycle_skills.htmlmazing bike control

  2. thats some sweeet control....!

    might want to fix up the hyperlink by the way :wink:
  3. Fix the hyperlink.. :mad: :mad: :twisted: :twisted:
  4. Until he does click here. :grin:

    So that's what they teach you in advanced cornering classes?! :twisted:
  5. Wow he is goood. :applause: :applause:
  6. That's some nice ridin' :)
  7. Wow, I wanna learn to ride like that! I think what we all need is a "practice bike", one you don't care about dropping etc...
  8. Ahh!!! I was wondering what the new P's test involved......
  9. Very cool riding :cool:
  10. Wow.

    He must have done his P's test like a thousand times...

  11. that was some sweet riding...
  12. i do this all the time on the CBR1000F.....

    did a search, dont think its been posted before, shoot me down if it has :blah:

    anyway, i reckon the hurricane could do this easy :LOL:

    lil' vfr400 doing tricky stuff
  13. Yeah I have see that before, but the movement of that bike is unreal. :) I wish.
  14. Damn that is cool!

  15. I'm sure it has (I've seen it somewhere) but thanks for sharing it - that's good ridin'!
  16. the L-platers should make some notes for their u-turn practice :LOL:
  17. that's some sticky tyres :shock:
  18. that is soo cool..way better than those stupid wheelie/stoppie videos
  19. thats rad, what tyres does he have gee wizz