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Condition Of The Bonang Hwy...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Meags, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. I'm looking at heading from Orbost through to Bombala (and onto the coast) via the Bonang and I'm wondering if anyone's headed up that way recently. I can remember that someone mentioned the road was fairly good earlier in the year and I'm assuming it would be the same, but would appreciate any feedback. I'm told the dirt sections are an easy ride (for standard road bikes) and I just want to confirm that. Thanks :) .

  2. Came down it a couple of weeks ago.
    There's a dirt section in the middle of about 15-20 K's that's diabolical on a sports bike: the camber is off all the way and it's so loose that my rear was slipping under gentle acceleration, trying to drag me towards the edge.
    There are also no advisory signs for corners, so you need to go back to your vanishing point technique.
    Where the road is sealed it's "not bad".

    Do it anyway, just take it easy and stay off the brakes as much as you can in the dirt.
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  3. Can't comment on the current condition of the Bonang Road - I haven't been on it for a while - but Mt Darrah Road (Bombala->Pambula) is a bloody disgrace at the moment. There are giant potholes in the middle of the road on blind corners, and sections of so-called "rough surface" (ie "where's the fcuking road gone?"). Imlay road is OK east to west, but not in the best of nick west to east (the timber trucks are fully laden going to the coast and empty going back). So I'd recommend either taking it VERY easy going down Mt Darrah or heading north from Bombala and going down Brown Mountain.

    Whereabouts are you headed?
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  4. We'll be coming from West Gippsland going up Bonang and across to Eden. I'm now re-thinking things. I've heard it's beautiful up there, which is why I wanted to go, but I don't want to drag a couple of riders along with me on a crappy road. Might be better to just head up the Monaro and then across Imlay?? The Mt Darrah Road was where I was headed after Bonang. Since you live up that way jazzfan and NK's been on the road recently I need to listen to you both.

    I knew the Bonang was part dirt but for some reason I thought it was in better nick. Wracking my brain trying to think where I got that idea from -best laid plans and all that...
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    It's a matter of riding to the conditions, Meags. Mt Darragh Road is beautiful no doubting that, but it copped a lot of damage from trucks when Brown mountain was closed, worsened by recent heavy rain, and lack of attention from BVSC. Take it easy on the really twisty bits and you'll be fine. There are some lovely roads around here - let me no if you want more info.

    Edit: know not no DOH!
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  6. Why don't you use Cann River Road to get north from Gippsland?
  7. The gravel stretches are only about 8km long (there are two of them). Should not be a deal breaker for most riders. Cann River/Monaro is not horrible but the Bonang is sooo much better...
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  8. Yep, that's why I wanted to do the Bonang titus. I'm not fussed about me - I have a go at anything, just thinking about the other riders and whether my name will be mud at the end of it :)

    It sounds a lot like some of the roads down Sth Gippy way jazzfan. Have you been down this way lately and if so how do the roads compare with yours? Thanks.
  9. I wanted to take a different route after hearing (and reading) other members talking about these roads. Just keen to have a go.
  10. No, I haven't. I'll be heading down to Caulfield to visit a friend in a month or two. I'll make a point of going via South Gippy on the way.

    How long are you in Eden?
  11. Would you believe one night. It's the only chance to get away before Chrissie at this stage so we thought we'd grab it. At the moment there's about 5 of us going and us girls were tossing up whether to stay in Eden an extra night with the blokes heading back home, but it's all up in the air at the moment. It's difficult when your window of opportunity is so small and you've got other people coming - could all fall into a mangled heap at a moments notice :).

    Thanks for your help - much appreciated.

  12. Your name could well be that if it rains. The first and only time I've ridden it so far was in the rain.


    ...and it was especially good -


  13. Even in the wet it looks beautiful up there Wayned. Love that sort of country.
  14. Do the Bonang Meags, your name won't be mud I can assure you. It is a signature motorcycle road. Those twisties are just so beguiling.
  15. I think it might have been you Chris, who put me onto it in the first place. You enabler, you :D.
  16. Lots and lots of questions about the Bonang on here recently. It's a great road IMO and a DEFINITE 'must do' if you can.
  17. Bloody good road one of my all time favorites
    just keep your head stay on your side of the road and be warned this is basically an access road for logging trucks the road is covered in rubber from the trailers.
    The dirt is no drama 2/3 gear slow dont touch the front brake feather the rear while on the throttle and have relaxed arms and loose grip and keep away from the deep gravel at the edge.
    Road it on route to GP zero traffic just one roo one dingo and Hwy patrol who pulled us over warning us about the fatality the previous day
    bike meets truck not a good ending.
    100 k speed limit which is quite generous considering the close proximity to some really really big trees.
    Stop have a break as the road gets quite hypnotic with sections of identical tight radius well cambered corners then sections of open good visibility corners.
    There is a nice valley full of green pastures fat cows and an old Servo good place to stop turn the bike off and listen to the country.
  18. Thanks for the pics and info dezmonster, very helpful.
  19. Good pics Dezmonster, I will just add this iconic one to sway Meags ;)

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