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Condition of Tas A5 in late April?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Galex, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but here goes anyway. In late April I will be going from Devonport direct to Hobart. Looking at the map, the A5 looks a better alternative than the Midland highway, but all the info I can find says it has a fairly long dirt section. I'd really like some advice from someone who has used this route in late April to see if it is OK. My bike is a VFR800 and I'm not that worried about taking it on a well maintained dirt road, but if a trail bike is needed I'd look at going another way.

    Thanks in advance.8-[

  2. Hi Galex

    The A5 while it looks more direct its nowhere near the same sort of road. Takes you across some really high country, Liawenee is pretty much the coldest place in Tassie (already had a few nights of -3 there this year!!)

    The road is steep and twisty, narrow in places and by the end of the month there is a better then fair chance of frost and ice that can last most of the day in the shade. You will also get some big trucks as traffic and they don't like sharing the road :-(

    I have not done the bit north from the great lake at all, and havent been on the southern part in 18 months but cant recall any dirt??

    It really pretty country if you get a good day, if its a wet or foggy day its miserable. Maybe see what the days like? The run down the Bass and Midland Highway is more boring but it will be quicker. Fair bit of dual carriage way and 110Km limits :)

    Hope that helps a little :)
  3. Hi Tasguy,

    Thanks for that. Seeing what the day is like makes a lot of sense. I'm not in a real hurry, just need to be in Hobart that evening. I've done the Midland hwy a couple of years ago and was just looking for an alternative. The first place I read of the dirt section is in the Hema Motorcycle Atlas, Ride 65. (2007 edition) Then other places as well.
  4. The section of dirt is reasonably long but relatively good - weather dependant, if its dry its fine but a bit sh*thouse and slipery in the wet.

    It is, however a heap more fun than the boring as batsh1t midland highway, as it goes up through the hills on the way south and then back down again later. they make putting up with the dirt worth it.

    really pretty but take warm gloves, it's bloody cold.

    some photos from north to south when it was dry about 2 years ago are here

    having said this, I haven't been on the road for about a year, so it may have changed, but I don't think it is a priority for a government that thinks the solution to rubbish surface on the midlands hwy is to lower the speed limit.
  5. Hi Waffles,

    Thanks. It looks a much better alternative. Just hope the weather holds out!

    Nice bike. VTR 250?
  6. I last travelled that road about8 weeks ago, in a BT50 ute, and the gravel (about 25Km's) was very rough. Lots of corrugations, large potholes. We've also had some decent rain in the last couple of weeks, if it keeps up it will be very slushy up there. Mind you, the rest of the road would be very enjoyable on a bike, but expect 25km's of slow crap!

    Hope this helps, Dean
  7. Hi Dean,

    Thanks for that. Yes, it does. What is hurting at the moment is that I was watching TV last night and an ad came on for 50% off on the boat. Starts May 1 of course! Seems like I am one of the last of the full fare payers for this season! Ah well, such is life or whatever they say these days. Still looking forward to it.
  8. Dean,
    yeah, vtr250, but it's gone now, swapped for a zx9r... so much more fun, but a vfr would be good.

    enjoy tassie, its a blast, I need to go back.
  9. last time I went hobart - devonport I went this way

    it still goes pretty high, so you might have the same probs with frost but it also avoids the dirt section around the great lake

    my 2c

  10. Just back today. Arrived Friday morning to low cloud and a fair bit of rain. Due to high country being in fog, decided to go straight down the A1. Started put with spotless bike and came back covered with grey slime from roadworks. Came back yesterday through Richmond and through Mud Walls rod and Lovely Banks Rd C316. Nice road. Will be back in November and hopefully will try the A5 then. Thanks all for your comments and suggestions.