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Condensed Thread Lifecycle

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Somwhat innocent threads can stretch into lengthy verbal punch-ons at the drop of a hat. Instead of waiting for the 30-odd messages to take shape over the course of a few days/weeks, we can condense it into the following thread summary:

    1 Initial Post of harmless topic :)
    2 Forum smart arses post quick witted comments :wink:
    3 Initial Poster posts "tongue out" smiley at forum smart arses :p
    4 Someone posts a link to a previous thread and points out the search function :idea:
    5 Initial poster apologies for the re-post :oops:
    6 Forum smart arses point out the Initial Posters propensity for ignorance :LOL:
    7 Initial Poster posts "tongue out" smiley at forum smart arses :p
    8 Forum irregulars post useless inane observations :eek:
    9 Forum debunker points out that the Initial Post is probably flawed :?
    10 Other forum regulars comment that they notice the same thing :?
    11 Forum whacko points out that a completely unrelated fact proves that it isn't flawed :x
    12 Level headed forum members debate the merit of both positions :?:
    13 Forum smart arse posts a joke no-one gets :?:
    14 Forum whacko takes offence to forum smart arses comments :evil:
    15 Forum smart arse politely points out the sarcasm :?
    16 Forum whacko apologies for not getting the joke, and makes another joke :D
    17 Forum debunker posts scathing, lengthy, mutli quoting post to try and shoot down forum whacko :evil:
    18 Forum regular who just logged on makes comment on the first smarted arsed comment :)
    19 Level headed forum members make more observations about the original thread 8)
    20 Forum whacko posts short rebuttal, hoping for the quick kill :twisted:
    21 Forum wisehead makes lengthy life-experience comment on why the whacko is wrong 8)
    22 Forum debunker quotes wisehead in resigned manner :roll:
    23 Level headed forum members post questions for both sides of argument :?:
    24 Forum smart arses provide smart-arsed answers :LOL:
    25 Forum regulars posts unrelated jibes to each other, completely off topic :LOL:
    26 Forum noob posts cheeky swipe at regulars, even more off topic :D
    27 Forum whacko posts full page diatribe 2 hours in the making with heaps of swearwords :evil:
    28 Forum regulars finish off light hearted jibes to each other :LOL:
    29 Forum smart arses post quips directed at the whacko :D
    30 Forum level heads attempt to create calm :)
    31 Forum wisehead makes snappy one-liner which should have killed argument 8)
    32 Forum debunker abuses whacko :evil:
    33 Forum whacko abuses debunker :evil:
    34 Forum noob quotes original message :shock:
    35 Admin locks thread :!:

    This is just one of many paths a thread can take, but as you can see, even the most innocent thread can be doomed from the start.
  2. To quote Sally Field's immortal line from "Smokey and the Bandit"

    "Dan, you have an uncanny ability to cut right through the BS and get to the heart of the matter."
  3. Dan, you have single-handedly taken all the fun out of the forum, what an amazingly accurate summary of the situation.
    Do you think we should take it one step further and ask the mods to add tags to each user, ie, forum level head, etc?
    I shall now retire to my villa in Majorca and grow daliahs
  4. what would be really funny is if this very thread descends into a shitfight :LOL:
  5. I wouldn't wish that on our gracious admins! Although I'm confused by that Majorca reference, so thats a clear #13. I will appoint you a forum smart arse. :)
  6. Didn't Christopher Skaise end up in Majorca?
    Though what THAT has to do with the forum is anyone's guess..
  7. RC36Honda raises his hand and asks, "Please, sir, can I be the forum whacko?"
  8. That should about wrap things up. Now we just need an admin.
  9. arise, forum whacko
  10. F#^&* you Dan, You f#$&%^&%&*%^^%!!!, why would any of us listen to anything a *^%%$& like you has to say, since you obviously can't even ride, M*%%^&%^%r
    (How am I doin'? Can I be Whacko for a while?)
  11. your'e a natural - although your insults are a little to coherent for full blown whacko. :LOL:
  12. Do you know that Matthew Flinders was the first man to circumnavigate Australia?

  13. You have to ask?
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. It rears its ugly head again.
  15. Dan where did you lift that from. Can't remember the site they had other funny shit there too about percentages of forum members and stuff.

    Cheers 8)
  16. read #15
  17. This has obviously all been said before

    That was from Julie andrews in SOB

    Yawn more of the same

    That statement would be based on the presumption that there was humour here to start with. Could you please supply proof of that ?

    Just thought I'd slip this one in it was missing

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Hey Helina, Julie may have said that in the movie you mentioned, I am not aware of that having not seen that movie, but Sally Field certainly also said it in Smokey and the Bandit which is where I got it from. I guess it depends on which movie came out first as to who copied who (not that it matters)
  19. I have no idea, just slipped it in , needed something to help the thread along :LOL: