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Condensation on bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Bear Arse, May 22, 2014.

  1. Greetings all,

    I have my pride and joy stored in my manshed which has an open door and no insulation. Pretty much a tin shed.

    I throw a sheet and blanket over her to keep the dust and possum shit off. However I'm noticing as we move into winter, when I remove them to go for a ride the bike is totally covered in condensate.

    I'm a bit concerned because I don't ride every day and I don't like to have the bike sitting with moisture all over it on the non ride days.

    My wife won't let me put it in the bed room. I asked her twice and she said no both times.

    Has anyone had to deal with this problem?
  2. Put it in the lounge room instead. Just call it a conversation piece.

    Kept my bike inside at the last place that didn't have a garage haha.
  3. Well it is a Triumph so the red Motul synthetic should blend ok on the rug.
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  4. Replacement wife? Unless you are particularly attached to this model. ;)

    More seriously, build a bike bay that closes
  5. Tha blankets and direct insulation are your problem.

    Stop wrapping it.
  6. Even on a concrete floor, ( you would not believe how much condensation will rise from below) throw down a 6foot tarp & 2-3 mats all from a cheapo shop; also 2 single bed fitted sheets (from Vinnies) over bike. Use centre stand if you have one, & a piece of tin plate under front hoop as it can absorb enough moisture to put it out of balance.
  7. Not sure that's possible BitSar I have bats, possums and all sorts of nasty paint destroying stuff floating round up there.
  8. Many thanks Old I'll give that a try.
  9. Breathable bike cover? The Tan coloured ones are tyvek I think which is supposed to breath a little. Get a small car cover from supercheap pretty cheap when they are on sale.
  10. Simple solution, get it out of the shed and ride it
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  11. Dehumidifier then.
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  13. supercheap sell motor bike covers that are breathable

  14. Covered in condensate? I'd be worried about it blowing up every time it got hot..... Maybe you should think about refining it?
  15. Maybe you could slip over to the welcome lounge and introduce yourself. Will help others know who is talking at them.
  16. No worries mate. Just did. He'll know who it is - he is the one that put me onto the forum.
  17. Great, welcome aboard.
  18. Talking of blowing up how is that stroker coming along?
  19. Still in pieces but soon to be resurrected. Picking up from paint on the 31st July.