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Concerts you've been to

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Can't remember them all but here's the most memorable concerts I've been to:

    1. Herman's Hermits - West Gippsland Arts Centre Warragul - 11yrs old ...friends mum had a spare ticket. Invited me to go. Glad I did. Had so much fun I was dancing in the aisles.

    2. The Angels - Brisbane (Festival Hall?) - 14 yrs old...My fav. band at the time. Dragged my cousin along to see them. She wasn't a fan but stuffed if I was going to go alone! I remember Doc Neeson singing to us. Totally made my day/year/life. I still get a rush when I listen to them. :)

    3. George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Melbourne (Festival Hall?) - 16 yrs old. I grew up listening to this band....Mum's best friend used to play them a fair bit. I got hooked. :) Before they came on stage I politely squeezed my way through all the bikies till I got to the front. Brilliant night. Totally went off - them and me. :)

    4. John Farnham - Rod Laver Arena Melbourne...ex husband bought me tix to see him for my b'day. Not sure why he got me these as I'd never really expressed an interest in his music. Didn't have the heart to tell him so went along pretending to be really excited. Concert was okay. Sometimes I forget I even went and saw him.

    5. George T again - Melbourne - Palais? Last year or was it the year before. *shrugs* ...Was an awesomely fun night! Got right up front of stage. Had a few drinks through concert. Chick next to me kept flashing her tits at the guitarist. Guitarist kept winking his approval at her. Afterwards we wandered up to some pub called the Esplanade. ;) Woke up in the morning with the worst hangover I have ever experienced in my entire life. :(

    6. The Eagles - Melbourne...Rod Laver Arena. SEcond row tix. Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant! I'm on their DVD!!! :LOL: Not telling you which parts. :cool: :oops:

    7. Coldplay - saw them the last 2 times they were in Melbourne...one of my most favorite bands. Chris Martin was larger than life. Totally charismatic!

    8. Delta Goodrem - took the girls to see her. They had a ball. I was totally stunned by how beautiful she actually is....not just in looks.

    9. Pete Murray - Traralgon Saloon Bar...couple of yrs ago...What a blast of a night! Laid back guy with a guitar. Smooth.

    10. One of the best pub bands I've ever seen was in a little pub in Coolangatta when I was about 14. Don't ask what I was doing in a pub at the age of 14! They played GLORIA by Van Morrison and we loved it so much (there were about 15 folk in the bar) that they played it again and again...over and over for much of the night. :)

    There's others but I forget.

    Going to see my favorite band ever in November. U2 at Telstra Dome. GA tix. Getting there really really early so we're not too far from front of stage. :) It's gonna be huge!!!