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Featured Concern about random bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yardman, May 1, 2015.

  1. Blue Triumph Daytona 675 triple – very nice looking bike is parked in front of a vacant block in a quiet street that backs onto where I live.

    Bike is properly parked (diagonally facing forward from the kerb) and shown no signs of the ignition being tampered but it’s a strange place to leave a bike for coming up to three day now. Especially so since it’s a very quiet street, the bike has no locks/visible security plus it’s been raining heavily for the last 24 hours.

    Should I mind my own business, or is this worth a quick call to notify the local cop shop?

  2. Give them a quick call with the rego details....
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  3. Phone the cops.

    How much is it going to cost you?

    It will only take them a few seconds on the computer to check if it's been stolen.
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  4. I'd report it , better safe than sorry i say :) I would hope someone would do that for me, if my bike was missing and found..
  5. Given the number of Daytonas that are being stolen at the moment you should definitely report it; it will cost you nothing, and if you're concerned for your privacy, you can remain anonymous....
  6. Called it in, apparently the registered keeper lives two streets away. I still think it’s an odd place to leave a bike….

    So, if you’re in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and own a neo blue Daytona, check it’s still parked where you left it.
  7. Hasn't told the wife yet....
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  8. I admit that was my thought, sneaking out the door nonchalantly wearing helmet, boots and jacket may be a giveaway though. ;)
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  9. Either that or she's given him the ultimatum, and he's 'sold' it :)

    Worse though, I hate to think someone has wheeled it a few streets away to cool down whilst they arrange a pick-up and its not been noticed as missing yet.

    Saw the bin truck violently swerve round it yesterday morning and it's sat looking very sad and wet today.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Thieves may park a stolen bike away from their house so that they don't have anything incriminating in their dwellings. But more than likely there is nothing at all sinister about his. Just someone who's parked their bike there.
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  12. Strange that the Police said they guy lived a couple of streets away. lol maybe he is hiding it from the "trouble & strife"
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  13. It's almost as though the owner wants it stolen
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  14. Maybe they're trying to claim that big ol' vacant block... :) I used to do that when my house was being built... go park in the vacant block and dream....
  15. Maybe Vertical C is right and it's just broken down.

    I feel dirty for having written that.
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  16. JayteeJaytee thats possibly true!
    ibastibast one would hope not
  17. Go & move it 2 feet to the left every day, or re position it so front wheel to curb, or put a For Sale sign on it, so when the owner returns...WTF???
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  18. Big WBig W

    I’m setting up my own charity, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Bikes ( RSPCB )giving me the legal power to adopt neglected and un-cared for bikes such as this.

    It's story will read: “After two days outside in the rain and cold, being harassed by bin trucks and passing traffic, little Triumph was so happy to be taken in and cared for by loving Yardman”
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  19. Wow that kinds of blows my mind I am struggling for a reason to park your bike there - unless he is wanting to be taken...
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