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Concept helmets ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by TheCatsMeow, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. i was just looking about and saw this helmet...im stuned because I WANT ONE NOW anyone know much about this?? the article with it said was just some concept an american company was trying to make blah blah no actual details to bloody find it. any info would be nice :blah:


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  2. i think i posted in the wrong area ... sorry if so lol
  3. looks like something out of an alien vs predator movie
  4. I think it fits under bling, since I'd hazard a guess that you will NEVER see a 1698 sticker on one of these things...
    You see, if there was any chance at all [MENTION=30531]Takamii[/MENTION] would already have one ;)
  5. Try Daft Punks website. Looks like something they would have worn 10 years ago.
  6. you're probably right i was just thinking a bit more materials into the shape at the expense of weight ? i just jumped outta my seat when i saw it haha so naturally i had to ask the masters (netrider) cause im a L plate noob that dunno shitt lol
  7. I dont like the princess leigha hair buns on the side

    see that chin bar -- think it would clear your shoulder in a head check /?
  8. Princess Leia eh?
    I like the way you think...
  9. Headcheck?????? What's this 'Headcheck' you speak of?
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  10. From reading articles in a few different mags, 1698 stickers are no longer valid, and the articles go on to say that currently used helmets, and new helmets, don't meet the standards requirements as per current laws, and that police are looking for standards on helmets that don't exist anymore....
  11. Semantics Grange - do you think this helmet will ever be approved for use in Australia, regardless of the existence of a standard, whatever the number?
    No neck protection, and like Tak says, a chinbar that gets in the way...
  12. I did some more research into into Guys article

    Okay I did some further research

    What This article filed to mention is as follows
    the link is here http://www.coag.gov.au/mutual_recogn..._agreement.cfm

    "In 1996 the Commonwealth, States and Territories and New Zealand signed the Arrangement establishing the TTMRA. The purpose of the TTMRA is to implement mutual recognition principles relating to the sale of goods and the registration of occupations. These principles, with a few exceptions, state that:

    a good that may be legally sold in Australia may be sold in New Zealand, and a good that may be legally sold in New Zealand may be sold in Australia. This is regardless of differences in standards or other sale-related regulatory requirements between Australia and New Zealand; and
    a person registered to practise an occupation in Australia is entitled to practise an equivalent occupation in New Zealand, and vice versa, without the need for further testing or examination.


    The TTMRA entered into force on 1 May 1998.

    The Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research administers the TTMRA as it relates to goods. The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations administers the TTMRA as it relates to occupations.

    The TTMRA provides a simple, low cost and low maintenance mechanism for overcoming unnecessary regulatory impediments to trade in goods and the movement of skilled practitioners between Australia and New Zealand. Benefits flowing from the TTMRA include:

    lower costs to business and improved competitiveness from being able to manufacture to a single standard;
    greater choice for consumers; and
    greater cooperation between regulatory authorities.

    notice how it says to manufacture to a single standard

    Now before we used to have AS 1698 now it is actually AS/NZS 1698:2006

    Further the agreement states

    1. subject to certain exemptions for the protection of public health and safety and
    the environment, the Arrangement is intended only to take precedence over
    such Laws of Participating Parties in respect of Goods as would effectively
    prevent or restrict the sale in the Jurisdiction of that Party of a Good that can
    legally be sold in the Jurisdiction of another Participating Party;


    4.1.1 Under this Arrangement, a Good that may legally be sold in the Jurisdiction of
    an Australian Party may legally be sold in New Zealand and a Good that may legally be
    sold in New Zealand may legally be sold in the Jurisdiction of any Australian Party.
    Goods need only comply with the standards or Regulations applying in the jurisdiction
    in which they are produced or through which they are imported.
    entered into under this principle are confined to the laws of each Party.
    4.1.2 Under the principle referred to in sub-paragraph 4.1.1, mutual recognition will
    affect certain laws relating to the sale of Goods of the jurisdiction where the Goods are
    intended for sale. Such laws include:
    (a) Requirements relating to production, composition, quality or performance of a

    (b) Requirements that a Good satisfy certain standards relating to presentation, such as
    packaging, labelling, date, or age stamping;
    (c) Requirements that Goods be inspected, passed or similarly dealt with; or
    (d) any other Requirement that would prevent or restrict, or would have the effect of
    preventing or restricting, the sale of the Good.
    4.1.3 The Arrangement is not intended to affect the operation of any laws to the
    extent that they regulate:
    (a) the manner of the sale of Goods or the manner in which sellers conduct or are
    required to conduct their business, so long as those laws apply equally to Goods
    produced or imported in the Jurisdiction of the Party. Examples include:
    (i) the contractual aspects of the sale of Goods;
    (ii) the registration of sellers or other persons carrying on occupations;
    (iii) the requirements for business franchise licences;
    (iv) the persons to whom Goods may or may not be sold; and
  13. This trade agreement I believe is more to do with goods manufactured in Aus and NZ and trade of such goods manufactured in those countries
  14. anyone know of any outlandish helms that are legal ????

  15. I think the "buns" would be for a kick ass sound system on board !!
  16. thats what i was thinking blasting drum and bass while riding aggressive toooo good
  17. Tak, It seems to me that your post is about Sale, not about Use.
    Just because theyre legal to sell does not automatically make them legal for use on the road?
  18. If you see some of the cheap helmets, then it wouldn't take much to meet the standard.

    As for neck protection, doesn't look any worse than my AGV helmet....
  19. For those that want to try to work out the current standards, scanned from Australian Road Rider magazine....





  20. Pffft. Headchecks are for people who think there's someone who might be going faster than they are