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conan clashes with the oxley...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davidnsw, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. so we were happily buzzing along the oxley and i overtake a car and keep going while conan gets stuck behind so i keep going thinking he will get past soon and i will stop and wait for him. A couple of K's down road and im really getting into it and figure i should pull over and wait so i stop and sit there waiting. 5 minutes go by and still no conan ? and just as im about to hop off for a smoke a 4wd pulls up and tells me hes come off but that hes okay so i jump on and buzz back to see whats happened.i will leave the story for him to tell you how it happened but heres the pics...

    damage looks like bent forks, snapped clip on, snapped right foot peg, front guard obliverated and all the regulars like scratched up fairing and broken indicators..

    damage to conan a grazed kneed but i think he will be injured more when his mum catches up with him :LOL:


  2. Awww nuts.........................bad luck Colin.

    you were at Mach 10 last week as well :roll:

    Hope ya heal well and ya mum doesn't neck ya.

  3. Ah that totally sucks! Hope you're ok conan, especially post-beatingfrommum.
  4. S#$% man, give me call when u can Col, let me know where the bike is and if we can patch it up enough to ride it for u. Call me on the landline.
    I was coming back past there today on the Pac' Hwy thinking of u guy's, I was just to stuffed to contemplate going that way.

    Tex & Bundy
  5. :roll:
  6. How many threads now have shown the clip-on snapped off when a Hyosung crashes? Admittedly this seems to have been a fairly major shunt, but it's a bit of a worry about the Korean metalurgy, isn't it?

    Sorry to hear about the off, mate, and I hope the boys can band together and rescue the steed for you.

    It IS insured, of course :?.
  7. Not as bad as the recall Hyosung has going regarding incorrect length bolts holding the handlebars on.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Conan sorry to hear about your off mate, Any thing i can do to help Just yell out!!.

  9. Colin, good to hear that you're in one piece!!!!

    Bike looks repairable - your health is more important.

    Hope it works out OK for you.

  10. Sorry to see this, hope you are ok?
  11. THANK YOU!!!

    I think the same thing! Mine fell off the stand once and it snapped and when a tosser ran up my arse at a give way sign it snapped off too. Weak as piss metal.
  12. Conan,
    Im just glad to read your ok mate! I hope your mum takes it easy on you pal.
  13. Sorry to hear about your off Conan... Glad you're OK though.

    Hope to see you soon
  14. Glad you are OK mate. Now you have snapped off both! The LHS went after the unfortunate taxi incident on the way to the movie night last year. Hope it gets fixed quicker this time.
  15. anyone else now convinced that particular bike of conans is jinxed
  16. you bought it Dougy :p :p :p
  17. Glad you are ok mate, very lucky indeed.
    Hopefully a total loss, so you can get the $$ and buy a decent bike.
    Another snapped clip-on hmmmm.

    If they decide to repair it, hate to be holding my breath waiting for the parts.......
  18. cconan it is a sign, :p

    glad your ok mate, we done the oxley on saturday, the mountain was wet as, made us take it real easy through there, well till we were out the other side anyhow
  19. the worse thing on the road that day was all the leaves and sticks all over , if i recall right the cause of it was actually another vehicle pushing him off the clean line into the crap on the road
  20. Ah well, it's only a Hyosung.