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Comunication between bikes...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by MR_PEA, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. i have found this on dealextreme,
    very intresting product concidering the price.. (in USD..)
    1000m claimed range, sold as a pair..

  2. Never believe a quoted range.

    If you're on a Spurs run they'd be luck to work around a corner as radio waves don't go around corners or through hills very well.
  3. i've never seen bluetooth work from that far away, i'd say 1km is clear wether line-of-site best case scenario, which in real world terms means you'd be struggling with anything over 50m
  4. Hilltop to hilltop I reckon.
  5. Ebay guys, these are $50 for a single unit.
  6. I haaaaate that saying. Price hasn't = quality for a long time. I've heard of people paying between $30 and $100 for a single unit. Its the same product! It always pays to shop around kids:D
  7. That looks to be the exact unit that a mate of mine has just bought. He reckons it's fantastic so far as bluetooth to the phone - I couldn't tell he was on the bike when I called him.
  8. Mr Pea
    those headsets are sold by LOADS of people under different names. Made in China and are CRAP (sorry the truth hurts :nopity:). NO noise cancelling on the microphones, up to 60kph = OK, over it forget it. I have acess to these as part of the StarCom1 range but will NOT take them on, I got a pair in to trial and still have them sitting gathering dust after hearing the TV come through over the intercom when sitting 3m away and it wasn't turned up loud :cry:
    Yes "you get what you pay for" still rings true in most cases =D>

    Pay $250 for one of these, or $480 for a pair, (free shipping for NR's too) buy local, get local back up (even A/hrs) and know you have something that works
  9. Well I'm a cheap-ass. I bought a twin set BT Interphone like to photo above for just over $100 delivered off Fleabay. I have used it rider-pillion with no issues. I have used it to receive calls up to as much as 1.40 and at the end of the call I asked and the caller did not know I was on the bike.

    Certainly good enough for me.
  10. Ok fair enough, good luck with them, my experience is somewhat different
  11. I've just bought this unit (or rather, had it bought for me) and I'm immediately annoyed by the speakers. I know it's hard to find a good solution given the limited space, but it's reasonably uncomfortable for my ears.

    Having said that, it seems to work really well, so no complaints there.
  12. The speakers fit fine in my Arai helmet, but not as well in the wife's Shark helmet.
    No help here, sorry.
  13. I read somewhere that you can remove the speakers and use earbuds? That’s what I was planning to do when I get mine
  14. Are these speakers being fitted behind the liner or on top?
  15. I put mine behind, but same problem with me, sore ears, I had the same idea to cut the speakers and use buds
  16. They must be thick speakers. Hmmmm. Dig out a little foam in the ear area then?
  17. I use blueant F4 if webbike world says it makes the grade the price is a world better
  18. Sorry about the small bump...

    I am pretty sure i have the exact product originally quoted in the first post. Aside from the actual buttons being slightly different in looks, everything else is the same.

    I paid $140 from a local bike shop, for the pair. They told me no guarantees/warranties. Fine with me, i was a bit strapped and only need it for phone calls/bit of music.

    Only bad points for me were;
    The speakers don't stick well to the helmet (fit fine, just crappy glue)
    One of my units got a little sprayed in a recent storm. Although i turned it off before it got heavy, it was done for when i tried to test it out at home. Hardly waterproof, but i probably shouldn't have been riding in such heavy rain.

    I'd still recommend them as a cheap alternative for casual riders.