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Computer virus? Help please. :)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Heyall. I'm pretty sure my computer's got a virus :( I say pretty sure because my Norton antivirus wont open - as will no other program on my computer. :( I can't even get internet explorer to open - and I'm too afraid to shut this window cos I reckon once the Netrider window's gone I'm all on my own.

    Does anyone know any software I can download for free so I can do a scan and fix it up?

    Links anyone? Links would be good :)

  2. Nothing else on my computer is working. I can't open any programs or explorer or outlook express. :(

    Even right clicking on a link to open a new explorer window wont work :(
  3. Nope - links aren't working for me. :( Thanks anyway Another Macca.

    Funny how absolutely zilch on my computer is working apart from Netrider....lol... :LOL: Once I shut this down is bye bye big wide world. :(
  4. Nope - nothing Doonx. The links aren't working at all. Ta anyway.
  5. Its possible it just needs a reboot. OR when you reboot you'll be even more stuffed as you wont have this window. I'd try be making backups, which might be possible through your browser:


    or just c:/

    If you can't get things working when you restart computer, shove your OS cd in and do system restore function, failing that, take to comp shop, or just reinstall OS.
  6. gee mate looks like you need some smart computer geek to help you out but unfortunately I can't help with that good luck
  7. That link's not working either Phizog and I can't access any programs at all on my computer. None of them open when I click on them.

    I'm daft at computers okay - this OS cd..what is it? Is it the CD that came with the computer?

    One thing I haven't done since getting this computer is a backup CD ... regretting that now aren't I?! :LOL: :( :(
  8. What's the operating system? Have you ever used system restore before? Have you installed anything recently?
  9. I had problems on Myspace this morning - got a msg from Doonx and Flex telling me I was sending them bulletins on ringtones etc. I changed my myspace password and I was going to do a virus scan as Doonx recommended but I kind of got sidetracked with other stuff and I kind of adopted the whole "she'll be right mate" and "it wont happen to me" attitude... lol.. :oops: :LOL:

    OS is Windows XP
  10. On a more positive note, the google links are working! :LOL: Tougher than cockroaches those things are! :LOL:
  11. Yep, grab your XP cd, bung it in computer and reset. Not much more you can do without resetting if you can't run/back anything up right now.
  12. you run XP, therefore *technically* system restore should already have a backup point (or ten) for you to choose from.
    i say -
    reboot computer. if you cant do this via start menu, just turn it off & after a nice 30sec count turn it back on. it might just work perfectly :)
    failing that, if it wont boot in to windows at all, find the windows CD that came with the computer (even easier if it is an HP, compaq, Dell other proprietary build - because they have a system restore disk) and start the computer with the cd in the drive.
    XP has an option during setup to "repair" your current installation. try that first.
    if that doesnt fix it, start her up again with the cd in and install windows all over again. be prepared to loose data :(
  13. Ta phizog - do I put the CD in whilst the computer's running? Or do I reboot first?
  14. Am I going to lose photos and docs and stuff? :(
  15. cd should be in prior to booting, otherwise you cant get it in ;)
  16. only if it has had a terminal system crash or similar.
    i reckon its just stuck in an endless loop, and a nice reboot will clear it up :)
    so reboot with no cd in first.
  17. Okay Joel. Here goes. :)
  18. Reboot, see if it works by itself, failing that put cd in THEN reset.