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Computer (Upgrade or buy new ?)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PJ2, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Okay I need some help,

    I'm not looking to spend a huge amount of money but I am looking to either upgrade my current computer or buy a new one.

    The current one is a Pentium 4 with 2.40 Ghz and 512 MB of Ram, 1 X 76 GB Hard Drive and 1 X 55 GB Hardrive, CD R/RW and DVD read.

    With the new Windows Vista coming out soon and my current computer 'slowing down' I am just looking for some advice on what to do ?
  2. The first question is, do you NEED Vista, or just want it??

    'Soon' is a rubbery Microsoft word meaning the enterprise edition for big business MIGHT ship before Christmas, and then they'll wait and see the result before they ship the lower-spec editions. Go searching for "vista timeline" or "vista news"

    The other thing that you can expect is that whatever specs they say will be the minimum to run, double them and add 20%.

    And I can't see THAT being a cheap project :p
  3. Well , let me shine some light on the tricks people play. It is gona be a long "mostly layman" reply so please be patient.

    Your PC is quite good for normal daya to day task, you don't need to upgrade it. You will notice minor to no change by upgrading the PC. If it was PII or PIII I would have suggested otherwise.

    They are all new names to sell their product. You normally need a serious upgrade in the world of computer after 7-8 years. Nothing changes in a short span of time.

    Surely Duo core and the so called "parallel processing" is good but it will be fully utilized when their will be software written for it. Which will take a while to realize.

    And another peace of advice except for increasing memory or harddisk capacity I will NEVER suggest anyone to upgrade. It is a thing of past a decade old terminology which PC shops still cash. Bin/ebay the old PC and buy a freaking new one. Remember NEVER UPGRADE ( It is a mith).

    I have been in computer business long enough to know the inside of this tricky seemingly magical world :).
  4. What a load of horseshit mate.

    Buy a newie, vista will bring your current computer to a screeching halt if you don't, I promise you that you will notice a big difference even on a budget of 2grand.

    If you want some help choosing components/stores just send me a pm :wink:

    If you find yourself doing mainly internet browsing, reading your email and wordproccesing then you'll want to get the lowest end Intel dual core CPU out. With this you'll notice that multitasking (anything with more then one program open at once) will be so much faster and much less frustrating.

    Secondly, the defacto standard for ram size nowadays is 1gig, XP will run acceptably on 512, but, vista is a big pig of an operating system. Atleast one gig of general purpose (non-bling / superlowlatency / superhighbandwidth... just regualr ones) sticks. Your computer will turn on much faster and navigating around the operating system will be quick like a 'busa :)

    Lastly, if you're not big on storing lots and lots of data (ie. if you could live with say 68gigs) then i'd encourage you wholeheartedly to purchase a Western Digital Raptor harddrive. They're smaller then most of the current things out on the market but they spin at 10000rpm as opposed to 7200rpm, I can assure you with the harddrive being the biggest bottleneck in any modern system that you will see benefit from having one of these!

    Good luck!
  5. mayk, I can't believe you've said what you've said and then post-scripted it with.....

    ...I have been in computer business long enough to know the inside of this tricky seemingly magical world..

    The two statements are utterly incompatible.... :roll:
  6. Vista is still got a long way to go
    and will not be release till mid 2007 at this rate
    RC1 still has bug in it
    I have vista running on PIII 800 with 786M Ram and 40G HDD test machine
    it working ok

    For your PC i would Upgrade RAM buy DVD Burner and Hard Drive
    It will work fine for other year till you think about upgrade to vista.
  7. $2g on a new machine (conroe) is enough for a KILLER PC these days if you aren't after the high extreme end of gaming.

    Just be aware, when Vista comes out, it will bring DX10 and since there are no DX10 cards on the market atm, you will have to upgrad eif you want to use DX10 (fancy stuff in vista will need this)

    http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-threads.cfm?f=7 is a good place to look at for all things hardware
  8. Vista Upgrade advisor to see if your current hardware is up to the task.

    Vista requirements

    Hardware support list for Vista (at an enterprise level)

    If you've got a spare harddrive sitting around you could install the RC/beta to see if you want to get vista right now or hold off until later.

  9. Unless you REALY want to get something then I'd say save you cash, if you have some small problems you want to fix (more Hardrive storage, burning DVDs, sluggish when running many programs (extra ram)) then it would be worth throwning $200-300 to solve that. But really you should be good and you'll probably find a RAM upgrade (perhaps Video Card upgrade) would be all you need to run Vista if you so desired.

    OK 'slowing down' usually has nothing to do with the hardware and alot to do with the software that is installed. IN particular all the resident programs that run during boot and malware.

    If you want to know the cheapest way to upgrade your computer, get rid of as much of that crap as possible.

    Download Hijackthis or startup inspector. Then run through the list of programs and plugins that they show, do a little research using google and make a decision on whether you need that program for not. You will quite likely find a dematic improvement. BUT make sure you aren't getting rid of programs you need. If you are unsure about getting rid of something then use msconfig (type that into your start-> run command dialog) it will allow you to re-enable the program in question if you find that you need it after all.

    BUT i suspect your
  10. Easy more ram , get another stick of 512
  11. Well I wrote most of it when I was barely awake. But I still stood with my words.

    For day to day task P4 2.4Ghz is enough.

    The main tricky bit which will make you computer fast are the following:

    1: higher transmission rate of RAM.
    2: Higher RPM hardisk
    3: Big ram, so big that it does not need swap memory.
    4: Parallel processing + most importantly software to make use of it.

    Software designed for a single processor is not going to take advantage of multi-core (duo core).

    All those who are in computer business will recognize that bottleneck has shifted from processor speed to data transfer between subsystems ( RAM or memory).

    Vista is good that it takes in to account the multi-core processor architecture of your system, but it necessary means that you can surf the internet while converting your AVI in to mpg. It should be better than XP/NT 2000.

    The safest way to remove your bugs or make your pc faster is back up the data. Reinstall the operating system ( Win xp).

    Regarding being long enough in the business of computers I meant to say I have followed the chain of computers from pentium 1 and observerd the migration to II -> III -> IV -> HT -> Duo Core. They try to just increase the speed of CPU as a marketting strategy and do not bother with the speed of RAM as it requires modern sophisticated board manufacturing and techniques for synchronization of signal arrivals and delay ..... To get a good grasp of this new technologies have a look at the technologies used in the development of PS3, it is a peace of computer engineering.

    Yes if you need to crunch numbers/ run lengths simulations and find the minima of some feraking odd function than yes upgrade it.
  12. Been watching so far, time i'd pop my 2c in ;)

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: - at Hornets Correct statement

    Been watching a long time is it? so P1, maybe 6 - 8 years, what, you never seen a 386sx or the ever powerful 486dx2-66 with maths co-processer built-in?
    Well go buy one on eBay and have some fun with it, ahem, i mean go load windows 3.11 on it :LOL:

    Yes, I've been in the 'business' a little bit (ok, fine, I've also had C64's too :oops: ).

    An easy recomendation is RAM, extra RAM is a simple and often the most effective way of speeding up a computer (mystical world that it is).

    Good to see some facts and articles posted by Matt, and I'd stand with him on the whole spyware thing.
    And the video card too, you plop the video processing on the card and not let the rest of your system have to handle it, it relieves the stress too.

    But it all depends on whats inside to what one can do with it, and what we can recomend. Specifics I mean, I saw the basic specs above. ;)

    EDIT: I've tried Vista, looks extreemly pretty and runs well on;
    AMD 64 3700+
    DFI Ultra3 MB
    1Gb RAM
    X800 GTO Graphics card
    250Gb SATA
    I am able to turn on all the funky stuff, and looks great.... Still waiting too see an advantage over XP in functionality wise (I haven't done a lot of ready, yes, says security this and that, but cant actually see that)
  13. Well I was talking about pentium family, I have worked on motorolla 68K series, 80386, 80486, 486DX1-4. My first windows was 3.11 and I loved it to death. I reluctantly went on to win95 and than 98....

    Now I prefer linux ( Red hat , fedora core flavour).
  14. Install Kubuntu instead and your PC will be a lightening fast workhorse again.
  15. :roll: The Windows of the Linux world.