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Computer-savvy people, please help me!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Zenyatta_Mondatta, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Hi all - I'm having this really frustrating problem with my Compaq Presario Laptop.

    It came with Vista and I changed it to XP because it's really not a powerful enough computer to properly run Vista and besides that, I'm quite happy with XP. The first time I did this I spent a while searching for the correct drivers but I did eventually find them and successfully installed them onto my computer. Then about a year later my keyboard started stuffing up with half of it giving me letters and the other half giving me only numbers/symbols. Not able to fix it, I re-installed windows.

    Now everything works fine EXCEPT my sound driver. I can successfully install it but every time I shut down and start up again, the driver is not installed and I have to do it again. Every time! I do this through device manager, choose my own driver, have disk, then choosing a .inf file from the driver's folder. Then it works fine until I shut down again.

    Can anyone help me! it's really frustrating!!! thanks!
  2. Check the laptops website and see if you can find an updated driver.
  3. Hi

    am no expert but most people usually will ask you about the machine stuff like =

    how old is pc
    how much ram
    what kind of chip
    is it still under warranty
    have you checked the hard drive for errors

    If it came with Vista it should run with it

    You can try the 24 hr hotline 1800 502 965 or the hp website if its still under warranty

    Good luck
  4. the problem is that HP provide NO support for XP for their laptops anymore, and that includes new drivers, so I'm stuck with the drivers I have found on the internet (and that used to work)...
  5. Put Vista back in

    and up the RAM if its going slow
  6. I appreciate the advice to go back to Vista but I'm really looking to get it working again on XP. I know it's possible because it used to work with no problems.

    I'm going to try scouring the HP website for an update that might somehow fix it?
  7. I'd love to help you, mate, but without the system sitting on my desk and a free 24 hours, I'm simply guessing.

    I CAN tell you one thing, and anyone selling laptops for the last couple of years will tell you the same; Microsoft have colluded with the manufacturers, especially the major ones, like HP, Toshiba, Asus, etc, to ensure that you CANNOT install XP on a machine delivered with Vista.

    Whole slabs of laptop architecture have been built specifically to be addressed by software calls that Vista alone makes. In short, they will never work properly with XP (which Microsoft would love to pull the pin on altogether, but the market-place won't let them). The little sticker that says 'Vista Approved" means exactly and exclusively that.
  8. I used driverguide years ago but it appears to be more corporate now. It says you have to sign up for it so i can't verify if it is any good anymore but may be worth a look?

  9. A quick Google turned up THIS
  10. First thing you need to do is work out what audio card the thing has then you can go and search for a solution.

    Paul I have a label printer that the manufacturer said would not work on a Mac. They were wrong ;)

    I have a card printer that they said would never work on a Mac, fcukers were right :(

    If you can identify the hardware, most times you can get it working.
  11. This above should fix your issue, and whilst Hornet is giving an opinion based on his experiences and those around him I can tell you first hand i've reverted HP Presarios' plenty of times to XP and the only real issue has been built-in web-cam drivers.

    I've also retro'd IBM's, NEC's, and ASUS machines and in all instances the drivers that fail (which was rare) are sound and graphics so search carefully for exact matches to your chipsets and you'll be fine. If you can get a copy of any imaging software do so and snapshot your machine once it's back up and running. Another tip is to go to the manufac's sites of the hardware (not necesarily those of the PC maker) and see if they have auto-detect tools like nVidia does. They scan for the drivers themselves via an active x tool.
  12. You may get lucky and fix it or you might spend hours or days trying to sort it, and even if you get it going it might fail again

    Do yourself a huge favour save more frustration and reload Vista, if it runs slow de activate some of the features or add some more ram.

    You will get used to it after a while, its not all that different to XP and at least you get more support and your machine will run properly because thats what it came with
  13. hehe... numlock... :LOL:
  14. thats what i was thinking, A stuck FN key and numlock on.

    Paul, some there is pretty much no way to restrict what os runs on a non-mac laptop. I have a vista laptop running server 2003. It's a matter of finding the right driver. In most cases the driver in question would be available through a different model laptops download section.
  15. So I take it your family motto is “If at first you don’t succeed throw it in the corner and give up�
    There is good advice here, and it should sort the issue. My addition to it all is when you have the right drivers, dump em all to a directory and burn the lot off to a CD
  16. Given no model number or other OS info and if the above suggestions fail...

    If it's running a Realtek HD Audio adapter then you 'may' need to install the UAA HD audio patch from Microsoft, if the driver didn't already come with it. Although it usually fails upon install if that's the case so it's probably something else.

    Service Pack 3 has this patch included - best install that anyway if you haven't got it. You can find out what Service Pack you are running by Control Panel/System and it should be listed there under the windows version.
  17. yeah except theres no numeric pad on my laptop lol

    I actually was able to find an update on the HP website after doing a thorough search, and it seems to have fixed the problem. Yay!

    now a good idea would be to put it all on disc so next time i won't have to search.

    THANKS for help guys!!
  18. most laptops don't have a full keyboard and numberpad (unless they get to 16+ inches) so they use a function + numlock combo to turn part of your keyboard into a numberpad, M = 0 for example.

    just need to hit function + numlock to switch it off :p
  19. HP you say ? Look closely at the numbers on the keys of the letters U ,J, and M. You'll see exactly what Harte is referring to as in the built-in numpad ;)
  20. huh... that's amazing, i'd never noticed that before.

    gee, if that was the reason and i re-installed windows for THAT... then i feel very silly :p