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Computer repairs in Melb area?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Hey Guy's :)

    Does anyone know a good (read; cheap) computer repairer in Melb north/east (Fairfield)?

    My computer apears to be overheating and switching itself off. If I try to turn it straight back on again, it runs for about 30 seconds but if I turn it off for an hour, it'll run for about 10 mins before shutting itself down. I would think this to be a simple repair for someone with experience.

    If it had two wheels I could fix it. What would I do if couldn't access Netrider!!!!

    Thanks :)

  2. Open the case, find the fan that sits atop the CPU and see if it's spinning. If not, take it off, take it to your nearest PC shop and ask them for a new one.

    It's a simple exercise if it is the fan.
  3. Or the heatsink is mega clogged with dust? Mine was starting to act all funny and running extremely hot due to that.
  4. Go to tricky dicky and grab some canned air, if as above is the case, blow the crap out of it and you'll be up and running in no time...

    I used to use a compressor in the garage but one day I pumped a heap of moisture into the bugger - forgot to drain the receiver... :oops:
  5. Yep, definitely sounds like an overheating CPU, probably due to dust or whatever, but it sounds like the heatsink isn't in contact with the CPU properly. That is what causes such a fast shutdown.

    I would remove the heatsink and fan, clean all, then remount it correctly. However, if you do remove the fan and heatsink, you need to make sure you reseat the heatsink properly, and use some good thermal grease between the CPU and base of the heatsink.
  6. Obviously it's overheating coz it's summer now.

    Just wait 6 months and your computer will be completely usable again, in winter.
  7. If you cant crack it yourself and find the fans, bring it to me and I will clean it out for you for nix, IF its dead, we may have something lying around here i can whack on :)
  8. just take the h/sink off and clean off paste(probably dry?) clean off from cpu an heat sink, reapply paste. :)

    or you can buy an after market cpu cooling device,

    or use a home fan and put blowing directly in the case. :)
  9. Thanks heaps everyone (well almost everyone :wink: )

    I will look inside and see what I can do :)