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computer questions for the technically minded

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. hmmmmmm...

    she's virus scanned and defragged... yet sometimes, she's been weird.

    i turned it on before... and it sat there blankly, HDD light or whatever it is was on but not moving, monitor didn't come off stand-by. unplugged, rebooted, seemed quicker than usual. just after loading window screen (the one with the blue bar at the bottom of black page with logo), it gave a quick glimpse of the task bar against a grey screen, then loaded.

    is running fine... but noisy (constant "i'm busy!" noise) and has the occasional, "oh what did you press something, i'll take 5 minutes to process that bit of the sentence you're typing" moments.

    any ideas whizzkids??
  2. Is it old?

    Faulty RAM can cause all sorts of weird and wonderful problems.

    Give it a format: fresh install of windows, and if problems persist, you can begin troubleshooting memory etc. Or just upgrade if it's an old machine.
  3. Can be a number of things. Either faulty ram as mentioned or malware (spyware) or virus(es) have invaded your windows. It can be a virus even if you have ran a virus check (on the same PC?) as a virus can take over your scanner and when do you do a scan, nothing will come up even through the virus(es) are in your system. You can either try to do a boot disk/CD with a virus scanner with the latest signatures to check to test for this. If you don't have much/any programs that you install after Windows, you can always do a fresh "format and install" making sure you totally format the hard drive/partition you have windows on (usually C: ) as it can be a LOT quicker than trying to find malware/virus(es) if infected.

    If it persists soon as you do a fresh reinstall, it's most likely hardware then it's off to either doing a diagnoses (download and install a memtest86 boot CD and run it overnight to test for memory for a start) for hardware. If this seems too much trouble, the above mentioned of replace (faulty) hardware or upgrade your whole system so you get a nice brand spanking new system. It can be dirt cheap to get one of the fastest systems out there (say $1100 ish mark?) if you know about getting intel (E4300 CPU) and a 'quick easy' overclock that makes it from 1.8ghz to 3ghz which I think from memory is currently faster than $1000+ intel CPUs from a $243ish CPU. Also 22nd or 27th of April, Intel is cutting prices of their CPUs so if you wait that long, that brand spanking fast home PC will be cheaper (probably $100-$200 cheaper from estimations)

    This is also re-using some things (like CD/DVD drive, case etc) but if you want to go down that path, it's best that you say so so people can advise on what to upgrade/replace/sell to try to get you the best value for dollar for your needs :) Hope you didn't fall asleep reading this ;)
  4. Do you turn off the PC, or does it just go into standby or hibernate mode?

    If you use standby often, it can lead to weird things like this without the occasional proper shutdown.

    If you do shut it down each time, when it is in "I'm busy" mode, what kind of percentage of CPU is in use when you do the ctrl-alt-del thing?? You can check that in the performance tab option of the Task Manager.

    Also, look in the Process's tab for a file call svchost .. It has been known to run away with stuff / computing power that it shouldn't. If it is using a high percentage of CPU time (continuously), there's your problem. (Same may be said for any other of the process's using large chunks of CPU time)

    Do a google search for svchost for more info on that one .. be careful about applying an online fixes.

    It could be any number of other reasons, but check the above first.

  5. i intend to upgrade soon. i just have a lot of programs that i "lost the box and registration codes for" and i know some caused problems so the computer guy said. RAM seems to be fine most of the time, is running b/w 4/11% with several things open. I'll have a careful look see at above suggestions. they got there quick after i got back online... DNS decided to not happen for some reason.

    i hate computers...
  6. If your in Fairfield you can drop the PC to my work in Abbotsford and I'll have a look-see for free, and will be able to quote any new hardware you may happen to need :)

    PM if you want the address. :)

    FWIW: Ram possibly, no display with those lights could be mainboard going, maybe HDD with all those access times too....
  7. Access times to me are pointing to HDD. RAM is a possibility but a HDD will cause most of these issues - especially the 'Oh did you press a key' one.