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Computer problem, HELP!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Maybe just a simple little thing (like me :oops: ), but it seems that since installing Norton 360 a few months ago, my computer muddles up the little logo that is usually at the start of a URL in the address bar, or in my favorites list, many sites have their own little logo next to their web address. Well mine has them, but the change, and are all mixed up. At the moment the netrider link in my favorites has an eBay logo next to it, Google has a Trading post logo next to it, etc, etc.....

    Anyone know why? How to fix?

  2. ewww, Norton, that's half the problem right there

    Maybe remove/add your favourites again? :LOL:

    What browser you using?
  3. Nortons AV is one of the most intrusive pieces of software you can install (Apart from windows)
    AV Software is meant to make it easier to use your computer, not make it imposible because it just craps all over anything you try to do.

    I personaly stick to Vet or Inoculate (Same thing diferent packaging)
  4. I think they are referred to as a favicon

    The actual file name that the pic is, is favicon.ico

    Delete and re-save

    then piff that nortons crap
  5. I've never had a single problem with Norton until this upgrade, in the 10yrs I've owned a computer.

    I'm running XP home.
  6. I think they are referred to as a favicon

    The actual file name that the pic is, is favicon.ico

    click on the link,
    grab the icon from the address bar and drop it on the links bar next to the current one,
    click on the old one again, the new link will now change to the new favicon, now delete the old one

    then piff that nortons crap
  7. That little logo is a file called favicon, it's just a file that is read by a browser (and ie is crap at doing them, Firefox does). It might be that Nortons has got a little upset and is misreading them.

    As it's just a file, try clearing/deleting both your cache and history, it will force the page to reload the graphic and might solve your problem.
  8. i've found vet to be much better than norton, but that'd cost you money. firefox is a better browser and free, so that suggestion is worth doing. but yeah clear temporary internet files on a regular basis as suggested.
  9. I've never had to clear the cache for any problems.

    +1 on the VET ;)

    After using it for 11 years, it only ever missed one virus.
  10. CTRL+ALT+BIN that Norton junk. AVG all the way!

    Norton too invasive for my liking.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Just letting people be aware of "not having the generally regarded best anti virus (NOD32) vs AVG" as a few people use, I did until about 2 years ago when I read (free) AVG dropped from the "must use Anti Vir" software. It so sucks how one must keep up with what it seems weekly changes (at times) for "the best" but from most if not all the techie websites/people I interact with, NOD32 wins hands down as best, albeit it is *cough* supposed to be paid for..

    An example http://www.eset.com/products/NOD32 vs AVG.pdf

    And now just to put foot in mouth, a super quick google shows on one review site, NOD32 is third on their list: http://anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.com/avg-review.html

    Oh well, I'm too stuffed.. If you want to read why, I WARN YOU, it was a post which turned out to be about 10-30 times longer than I originally meant. :oops: at HERE

    If I wasn't truely tied down with mainly thinking about my arm PAIN, I'd do a lot more of "more often than not" general readings up on the latest "winners and losers" of such things as Windows AV.

    Which is nice and ironic, as this is a post from:

    Linux waz-laptop 2.6.20-16-generic #2 SMP Thu Jun 7 20:19:32 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux

    Ok, more scouring the forums I haven't even lurked in this week for the main *egad!* so some slllllooooooowwwwww catching up, I wouldn't be surprised with the scenario I get woken up, in this exact same position except it's 6:40am with Emma asking if I want breaky for me and I just answer for 10-15 minutes "Huh, What?? I love you baby, gimme a big smoochy woochy, then get a bowl of cereal shoved on my lap so I can eat. I just ate 4 mogadon to try to sleep tonight!
  12. Love the Eset licencing and purchase site:

    So, can't use it if I am connected to a LAN...mmmm, why do I need an AV product then!?
  13. Ha, that eset "not connected" to a LAN is STUPID... :eek: But remember, you can be connected to the internet without being on a LAN :)