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Computer network problem - denied access to PC's resources

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. I installed a new printer on a desktop PC. I then went to a laptop on the network to install that printer as a network printer. It got as far as seeing the PC on the network, then I got an "access denied" when I tried to open the PC's properties under "My Network Places".

    The printer is enabled for sharing as are the two hard disks on the desktop PC. But for whatever reason I can't access them from the laptop.

    I could previously.

    I don't have Windows Firewall enabled on the desktop PC.

    I run AVG Free Ver 8 on the PC but as far as I can tell there are no firewall settings for it.

    Workgroup name is the same for all computers on the network.

    Laptop runs Vista, PC runs XP Pro SP3. Not that this should make any difference.

    Laptop can access the other desktop PC's resources which runs XP Pro.

    Any ideas on where to start looking appreciated.

  2. "Have you turned it off and on again?" :LOL:
  3. Whats the security on the laptop like?
  4. ^^ Yeah, it sounds like insufficient rights on the lappy.
  5. Found it.

    The Guest account was turned off on the PC in question. I enabled it and lo and behold the other computers on the network can now see this one's resources (printers, hard disks, etc.).
  6. bah!! i was about to post the answer and you fixed it yourself.. :)
  7. Ahh... wasn't along my lines of thinking, cos I:
    - never use the guest account
    - never use simple file sharing
    - always password accounts (which would in turn ask you for a password when accessing the remote PC)

    Glad you figured it tho :)
  8. Just a heads up Marty. I had nearly exactly the same situation the other day, except my laptop is WinXP, and I was trying to remote manage my Desktop from the laptop.

    While this always works, except when something was broken, this time the Remote Desktop client wouldn't connect. I checked, and I also couldn't see the shares on the Desktop either.

    I didn't worry about it at the time, and just rebooted my laptop that night, since I had allowed some software updates from Microsoft and somewhere else to install.

    I just checked access again (just for you) and both Remote Desktop and Shares are working.

    I have the Guest accounts on both PCs disabled. I believe the reboot fixed a temporary problem caused by the software updates. I think if you have rebooted, and you turn off the Guest account now, your printer will work. I don't think you need a Guest account active for Shared Resources to be available on a LAN.
  9. No, the Guest account needs to be enabled in order to allow simple file and printer sharing to work. The MS knowledge base document on this problem alerted me to it as it said that the Guest account needs to be active.

    As well, I struck this problem two days ago. All of the PCs in the house have been turned off and back on a number of times since then.

    Anyway, it works. The wife is happy. So, if she's happy, then I'm happy. Not that she makes me happy per se, just that if she's miserable, then I'm miserable. So, logic dictates that if I'm not miserable then I must be happy - and my wife tells me that I am happy, so in order to maintain the peace I agree that yes, I am happy..

    Phew. I think I'll have another beer and go for a swim...
  10. Glad we got that sorted. :shock: :shock: :shock: I think the beer will help. :LOL:

    I do have some detailed permission set, and use common UserIDs and Passwords on each PC, so maybe that is why mine works even with the Guest user disabled. :?
  11. That is why.
  12. Yes, if you have the same UN and PW on diff PC's it will login first time, everytime, as it tries what you've logged in as first before prompting you. :)
  13. Some of the PCs here have no user-id logins except my wife's desktop and laptops. But for some reason I need to enter those details if I wish to browse the laptop which is running Vista but the desktop PC running XP doesn't require a user login if I merely wish to access the hard drives on her desktop.

    My PC doesn't require a login. It starts up and shows the desktop on bootup.

    And yeah, the beers were OK, as was the pule before the change came through...
  14. Aaaactually, technically they do, its just that its the only one and windows will sometimes just automatically select the one when there is no password for it and login automatically for you :)

    Lemme guess, the XP PC is XP Home? As that one wont let you save passwords. As for th eLaptop you've previously probably told Vista to save any login details. :)
  15. [quote="booga"

    Lemme guess, the XP PC is XP Home? As that one wont let you save passwords. As for th eLaptop you've previously probably told Vista to save any login details. :)[/quote]

    XP home does let you save log in passwords.
  16. Login yes, but not network passwords, which he is trying to use. :)
  17. If your talking about passwords to network shares, home will save.

    I have it saved for access to my BSD file server share.
  18. :? I've not come across one that will save the network share passwords, I've always had to use a batch script on startup to login to those network shares... ye old'e NET USE...

    Has it been always like that, or since SP3 came out? Maybe it was a "simple file sharing" issue, but as far as i remember, when in the Users screen (from Control Panel) it doesn't give you the option to look at network passwords, whereas XP Pro will...
  19. Ahh, we aren't talking about the same thing.
    I was talking about passwords for mapped network drives, not network passwords.

    Sorry, I seldom use windows at home anymore.
  20. It's XP Pro. Two desktop computers and one laptop run XPP. The other laptop, a new one, runs Vista, Home Premium I think it is.

    As for passwords, etc. my PC doesn't require a password to log in. It simply starts up. My wife's desktop has a username and a password for it. The Vista lappy also has a username and requires a password.

    Now, here's the weird thing - if I log into the lappy from my computer, say via Windows Explorer, My Network Places, Entire Network to view the hard disk on it I am asked for a username and password. It has to be the one that my wife uses.

    And it appears as this when I log in:


    DELL being the computer's name on the network.

    I haven't seen that before with XP, as even on my wife's desktop which requires a password to log in I can map the shared drives and access them via Explorer without having to enter username/password details.

    Must be some new security thing with Vista, of which I am not familiar. I don't even like the GUI. I'd set it to Windows Classic if I could - it's what I use on the XP machines.